Please help CSR phone number

Hi, does anyone have a phone number for Coronado springs resort?
We are stuck at JFK airport and won’t get there till tomorrow.
Should have checked in yesterday :cry::cry: thank you

Did you get a room ready notification? If you did, call that number. There are no direct resort numbers, call the call center.

Try this

Hi, can’t do online check in as we have 3 rooms and due to children need them close together so need to visit the front desk.
I tried the number but it just beeps 3 times.
Thank you all anyway. We’ve been up for almost 30 hours straight and I can’t form a sentence but thank you again xx

Call this number

I see 407-938-4000 on the Liners Spreadsheet. Not sure what that number will get you but if all else fails…

Here’s some other numbers I have in saved texts telling me my room is ready

Poly: 407.824.3955
BLT: 407.824.3876
Kidani: 402.938.4760

all of these numbers still take you to a central GS number.

Thank you all, we actually got a great and quick response from the chat feature :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:.
Hopefully we will be in “our happy place tomorrow lunchtime. Only 2 days late.
Thank you to the wonderful touring plans community :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


@Ela I hope you made it.

Good luck, hope all goes well! We are in the same boat. Our Saturday flight got cancelled after many delays and we now are flying out this evening. There were no earlier flights.

Hi, eventually made it at 3pm this afternoon. Thank you all for all your help.
@JenniferB1975 hope you made it too :two_hearts: