Please explain TP "groups"

I am making some practice Touring Plans and have a question. This may be completely evident but I am not understanding the “Group 1” and “Group 2” shown below. I know they are recommending what I should get FP+ for, but what is the grouping about? I don’t think they are Tiers because that would be backwards, but maybe I am wrong. Any insight would be helpful!

I think they are talking about tiers. And yes they are backwards. Also the tp will allow you to schedule as many fp as you want, even multiple tier 1s so be aware of that.

They are tiers but tier 1 is group 2 for some weird reason.

OK thanks to both! I thought I was missing some major point that I was not aware of.

@len - Is there a reason why Group 1 and Group 2 do not line up with Tier 1 and Tier 2? I never really noticed this, as I have my own method for determining FPP priority.

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Thanks for asking that @brklinck. I was too afraid to ask the Big Man. Can I ask about your own method? We are considering just building a plan and putting FP+ where it looks like it needs it. But I don’t have the courage to put a FP+ on something like Dumbo over Big Thunder!

It was a misstatement to say that I don’t look at this list - I do look at it, but only to find the top option, as I ignore the rest.

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Oh yes, I actually have that bookmarked but had forgotten about it. That post should really be pinned since that kind of info (how to make optimized Touring Plans with FP+) is what most of us newbies are looking for. Now that I am a short 10 days from my FP+ day, I am looking again for this kind of info. I was going to bump it but got the message that 100 people would get notified so I backed out.

Don’t worry about people getting notified, it’s just the number in the top right corner - nothing inconvenient.