Please Do NOT Fill in All Available Space - A Trip Report in the Time of COVID

Countdown is sitting at one and I really think we’re going to make it this time!! We’ve cancelled two trips this year and I am honestly a little pinching-myself-excited that it looks like we’re WDW bound in about 26 hours. :star_struck: I’ve cycled through a lot of emotions this past week…going around and around with myself in true 2020 decision making fashion…but DH is on board with our trip and I feel comfortable with the decision to go forward with our plans.

Our kids don’t know we’re going yet. I have done everything I can to wait until the last possible moment to tell them in case someone wakes up tomorrow morning with a fever and we have to kill the trip in a horrible, devastating fashion. Currently I am trying to convince my 10 and 8 year olds that we need to get our entire homeschool day for today AND Thursday completed TODAY as well as be 100% prepared for their Monday end of quarter tests before I drop them off for school in the morning. Without letting them on to what is going on. I’ll let y’all know how that ends up going…:cowboy_hat_face:

With all that set up, here are the trip details:

Who? Myself and my four kids (DD10, DS8, DD6 - who may at some point in this trip may be referred to as DD7 for ride configuration purposes :grimacing: and DD4)
When? December 8-16
Where? 7 nights in a 1 bedroom PV at The Riviera (swoon!! So thrilled! That gorgeous place!)

Park Plans:

Wednesday: Drop kids off at school, pack all the things, pick kids up and head to the airport. Arrive mid-evening and hopefully take a scenic ride in the Skyliner. Grab a treat at Primo Piatto.
Thursday: Mid-morning breakfast at GF Cafe, walk to MK, MK till close
Friday: Epcot
Saturday: HS w/ Sci-Fi lunch plus afternoon break, Oga’s in the evening
Sunday: AK w/ long break at Nomad + Sanaa for lunch
Monday: Topolino’s brunch, Epcot
Tuesday: HS w/ H&V lunch and afternoon shakes at B&C
Wednesday: RD MK, lunch at Skipper’s, home

My hope for this trip is to have some time to simply enjoy my kids. They (along with everyone’s else’s children I’m sure) have had to endure something this year I never did as a child. They have handled it much better than me most of the time. I am so excited to treat them to a week of Christmas overload - and planning to say yes to most any treat they ask for. :yum: I am trying to go in with reasonable expectations - knowing that we will have to take more breaks than normal, that they will get tired of wearing masks all the time, and remembering that I am taking four children to Disney by myself and that there is a reason most people don’t do that! It’ll be fun and frustrating at times I’m sure but I can’t wait!!


Have fun! Details sound amazing! Looking forward to following along.


What!? I’ve taken 4 children to WDW by myself. Super moms unite!


I would need 4 of those back pack leashes! Lol.


Impressive! It must have gone well or you wouldn’t have moved there. :rofl:


I have a disney problem… I don’t ever tire of the place. Some of my best memories are here w/ just the kids and I :revolving_hearts:


A more unanimous statement has never been said here!


This is my ‘enabling’ place :rofl::rofl:


Very excited for you! Enjoy the Riviera. Your plans sound great. I hope the weather is nice (it’s been a bit cold!) and you take time to soak in the holiday decor.
We’ve gone twice since reopening. I would go again tomorrrow!


Lol! I have taken four solo before but the average age was a bit higher as it was my niece who is a teen and my 3 older kids. It’ll be a new adventure with the 4 y/o!

And @ppehap, unite indeed! :superhero:🏻‍♀


That’s tough when you have to work out the logistics of all that! I was glad things worked out well when it was me and DD8 and DS6. There so many rides where you can get 3 across as long as the older kids are okay riding together. Splash was probably the tightest squeeze, but that’s mostly because I’m not small!


Very true!!! SDD and 7D are really the only rides I’m concerned about. We’ve gotten by with under 7s with a sibling but in the same car as their parent before. Hoping we can do that this time! I’d rather lie about her age and have us all ride together than rider swap with DD10!


The only problems we had were Barnstormer and Teacups they wouldn’t let DS6 ride with his sister.


I’m expecting Barnstormer to be an issue. The kids have actually never ridden it so I don’t think it’ll be a big deal to skip it. And good to know on the teacups!

I am in awe of you! I know your trip will be wonderful. I did a solo trip with my three children two years’ back and loved it. My secret ingredients were a dash of lowered expectations and always looking for ways to say yes when I could.


Enjoy! I’m sure you wouldn’t take 4 kids by yourself unless you are confident about it. They must be awesome kids!


They are!! :heart_eyes:


Have a great trip! Can’t wait to hear about the reveal!!


Thanks!!! Successfully dropped them off at school without spilling the beans although DD10 definitely knows something is up. DH dropped her and DS off early to take Monday tests. I told them “something came up and we can’t go to school on Monday” but didn’t tell them why.

Trying to decide how to do the reveal after school…:thinking:


So great—- whatever you do I’m they will be thrilled!!