Please critique my TPs!

First timer here :slight_smile: We will be traveling 4/13 -4/19. Staying at POFQ.
Traveling with 6 adults and 5 kids - ages 6, 5, 5, 3 and 2. Planning to head back to the hotel most days for a rest. We will be park hopping 2 of the days - Magic Kingdom in the morning with no real plan (I want to see how they do the first day at MK and then make a plan for the rides/attractions they may want to revisit)

Friday 4/14 MK -
Saturday 4/15 MK – morning at MK (no plan yet?!) then Epcot
Sunday 4/16 (Easter) AK--
Tuesday 4/18 morning at MK (no plan yet?!) then HS--
Wednesday4/19 – MK

Would love your feedback!

Your plans look great! Very reasonable and well thought out. My main concern is with the TP estimates themselves. Specifically, Friday 4/14 - that’s Good Friday, and schools are closed, and it’s a long weekend for many, and spring break too. What’s the crowd level prediction? MY guess would be a 9 or 10 - and even with getting there at 7 am, I think those wait times are going to exceed what TP currently is predicting. Not much you can do other than pick a few rides that are “non-essential” that you’d be willing to skip if you start to fall behind.

Couple other quick ideas: does Epcot have EMH on 4-15? You have Test Track at 9:20 - on a regular evening it will close at 9.

You have a FPP scheduled for VOTLM at HS - you don’t really need a FPP for this show, there’s rarely a wait longer than the length of the show preceding it, just in case you wanted to use the FPP on something else (I’d suggest Star Tours for the older kids).

If you have time on your AK day, I’d suggest fitting in Gorilla Falls trails - maybe right after KS? If you have to skip something to fit it in, you can skip the Discovery Island trails without too much chagrin, there’s a lot less there than GF.

Have fun!

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will look at your suggestions tonight. I too wondered about Test Track but that is how the TP optimized! If we don’t get to it it’s ok.

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I looked at MK and HS as that’s what I did recently. Your schedules look great and you’ll will have a great time! I noticed you didn’t have Haunted Mansion in any of your plans. On purpose? This is a must do ride if you are worried about the kids getting scared it’s not that bad, but the adults should find a way to do it, maybe using child swap?

If you have time, people mover is great and you go into Space Mountain. Since you aren’t riding SM, might be fun, and it’s super relaxing great time for taking a break and just sitting for a few minutes.

Are you doing any night time fireworks, especially at MK?

Also you have Meet Arial twice (Friday and Wednesday)

Ak day -
Triceratop spin is WAY out of place. That’s quite a hike there and back for the payoff. it’s also in the middle of an area for smaller kids with carnival type games. Small kids will probably want to stay there, and they are going to ask to play the carnie games - have a talk with them before you get there, to let them know you have better things planned so you can get out of there. If it’s what you have to do, when you have to do it, then, so be it. If it was me, I’d figure out a way to switch it to a better spot, or forget it. It is a copy of Dumbo, Astro Orbiter, Alladdin, but it just has dinosaurs as the vessel instead. It gives a cool view (not as cool as Astro Orbiter, or anything,) but that’s all it is. That is a long walk at the number 2 spot for very little payoff. There is some other criss crossing in this plan that I would not do, but Safari to triceratop back to Kali back to the Gorilla trails is not something I’d sign up for, especially if triceratop is the only thing you’re doing in Dinoland. I’m not trying to be a jerk, I want you guys to have a blast, I really do, but you’re gonna have more fun skipping Triceratop if that’s all you’re doing in Dinoland. That walk, for the payoff is not even close to being worth it. Bigger picture of the walking steps on the entire day is screaming “not worth it” to me. Save your steps. That is a lot of walking adding up that you will notice later in the day. Save your feet.

@seebee - This is a very different plan than what I originally saw / commented upon - my guess is it’s currently “a work in progress” with the author in the midst of reconstructing it. @alyssagokey - let us know if you’d like more help when you’re finished. :grinning:

Yes- this morning I added in the gorilla expodition after reading the first comment. But I didn’t have time to optimize the plan so it’s probably out of whack.

Thanks for the info on triceratop spin. I haven’t been in about 15 years and never saw the ride. I will rethink the plan.

Having a small issue with the AK plan It’s not showing times after step 9. Anyone know why? I did not optimize - instead I just did evaluate to try to keep the steps I had in order.

Something is throwing the times off. I’d suggest checking for an am/pm entry mistake - maybe for your Tusker House reservation? Just a hunch that it’s an am vs pm mistake. If you can’t figure it out, I wouldn’t waste too much time on it - maybe the software has a goofy glitch in it for this specific plan, I’d just delete it and start over.

It looks like something weird between Rafiki and Affection Station, but if the software freaks out because of something unexpected, who knows what it would do?

I started new and it did the same thing. I deleted Affection Station and it corrected itself. So for now it’s not in the plan. We have enough time before our dinner reservation to fit it in.

This looks very nice. Here are my thoughts:

  • The train is still sandwiched around FotLK. Did you say you’ll do it before dinner instead? If so, I have another suggestion.

  • The morning is a little tight. And for the 2 animal trails, 20 minutes (though the default setting on TP) means you’ll have to keep up a fast pace rather than stopping to soak in the details and taking your time with the animals. A wise Liner told me to allow 30 min for each of the trails, and as we were doing a bunch of Wilderness Explorers badges, it wound up being more like 40. So my suggestion:
    Nemo (this gives you much more leeway on the Nemo show, your original plan had you arriving right at 11 which means there’s a chance you wouldn’t get in).
    Exp Ev
    Then depending on when you get back from lunch, do Gorilla Falls either immediately before or immediately after FotLK (they’re close together).
    You can fit in the Discovery Island trails after Bug before RoL. Also with kids your age maybe head over to the Boneyard during your evening free time, they’ll LOVE it there.

Another option I thought of too:KS --> FotLK 10 am show --> KRR --> Maharajah --> Exp Ev and then do the 3 pm Nemo when you get back from lunch. Just food for thought!

Hope this helps…

We will be finishing up our trip at the same time - also at POFQ! We’ll be leaving for home on the 15th.

I just deleted Triceratop Spin from our plans. My nephews are 7 and 8 and I don’t think they’ll get excited about it. If we have extra time and they feel like hopping on, they will, but I’m not counting on it. Like others have said, it’s the same concept as Dumbo, Astro Orbiter, and Magic Carpets, so only worth it if you have time to kill.

I’m really glad we’ve planned for mid-day breaks at the hotel, too. People there now are reporting that it’s HOT.

Thank you for all the suggestions!