Please Critique My Epcot Plan

This will be our 4th year at WDW but we have yet to tour World Showcase. Our kids are 16 and 13 and have asked that we try to make it happen this trip. We have a pretty packed week but thought we could squeeze it in on our last afternoon, which unfortunately just happens to be a Friday during F&W.

Anyway, here it is. We have the walking speed set to ‘Very Relaxed’ and ‘Minimize Walking’. How does it look? Does it seem realistic?

Thank you :slight_smile:

So, it looks like you just want to walk through. There isn’t any time allotted for checking out the shops or any of the entertainment that may be happening along the way. Or getting a beer in Germany… The one place that you’re going to give nearly an hour of your day is the American Pavilion, which is probably more than necessary except for the Voices of Liberty that you plan to see.

Although it’s going to be 3 hours of touring, it doesn’t quite seem enough time to enjoy all that there is to see. I’ve never had the opportunity to visit during F&W. Someone else will probably be able to speak to that point. It may be a crucial factor.

My best advice, given the limited time available, is to pick 1 or 2 pavilions that really interest you & your family. Relax and spend some time really exploring those. You’ll be pounding the pavement doing it the way you have planned and get very little for the effort.

Which Pavillions are more worth while? We think that the 360 degree theatres in China, France, and Canada look interesting. Are there other activities, shows, diversions, attractions that get good reviews that we should try to squeeze into our day?

We will be seeing Mexico and the Gran Fiesta Tour earlier in the week as we have lunch planned at La Cantina de San Angel.

Thanks again.

I do not think I have ever been to WS without spending at least 20 minutes in Japan. Actually, it may take you 20 minutes just to browse through the store (most likely longer). You have to stop and watch pick a pearl! You then will come out to a beautiful art gallery. Also, I know you have Voices of Liberty but what about American Adventure? (Sorry my browser gets stuck going back and forth to plans).

I agree with disney1974 that you are going to do a lot of crowded walking with little to show for it except a general sense about what WS has. I’ve never been during F&W so I don’t know how crowded it will be, but I will say that this is the one area in all of WDW that the crowd most impacts my enjoyment. On an afternoon/evening of moderate crowds, it is terrific fun to walk through, even if you don’t spend much time. On a crowded evening, my enjoyment is measurably reduced.

If you were to narrow it down to a few countries, we enjoy the movies you mentioned as well as the Chinese acrobats and the Serveur Amusant in France. We haven’t seen some of the newer shows. You also might consider which countries might have the best souvenir shopping for you.

Good luck!

I was thinking exactly what @PrincipalTinker mentioned about Japan. That department store! So much to browse…

There’s something cool/interesting in all the pavilions (except for maybe Norway at the present time). Don’t forget to take advantage of the friendship boats if you want to take a break from the walking and get to the other side quickly. For example, if you decide to do the movie in Canada and then decide you’d really like to be in Germany, just grab the boat that’s between the 2 gift shops at the entrance to WS.

Honestly… I can spend a day just walking around world showcase seeing all the little things that there are to see. I love looking at all the little shops, trying different foods and drinks, watching the shows, and checking out all the fun little activities there are. To really ‘do’ world showcase I would plan on at least a half hour per country.

What does the rest of your visit look like. Is there any way you can devote the full day to WS? Especially during F&W?

Thanks for your feedback. Guess I need to go back to the drawing board and allot more time at the countries that most interest us. Then, if time allows, continue to browse what we can and save the remainder for next year. I completely spaced that we will be at Epcot for dinner one night, and could probably sneak in a couple of countries since our schedule has us arriving at Epcot approx. 1:45 min. prior to our ADR at Teppen Edo…food for thought (no pun intended) :wink:

No Test Track?

We have a FPP scheduled for Test Track on another day :slight_smile:

Food and Wine bring out the crowds and you will be there when the locals flock to the park. I was just there last Friday and Saturday and World Showcase is more like world line. There are huge lines everywhere of people looking for the special food and alcohols.

I am not a fan of the World Showcase (hitting the floor to dodge the rotten tomatoes). I am the type that could wander Future World all day hopping from ride to ride. The countries do not thrill me.

But I do know that besides navigating the extra crowds, if you wish to do more than just walk thought expect at least an hour per country.

I have loved World Showcase for as long as I can remember. Yet as many times as I have been, there is always more to explore. I think that a hidden gem is Morocco. There are courtyards and shops that are set up to look like a bazaar and you can wander for quite awhile totally away from the hustle and bustle. And as others have said, the department store in Japan is awesome. Japan also has a cool art gallery tucked way in the back, and the gardens in UK, Japan, and China are really awesome. Yes, it will be crowded on a Friday night during F&W, so the earlier you can get started the better. The plus side of that is you can try some really awesome foods and beverages that are not always available. We also just watched the Canadian lumberjack performance and we all thought it was a fun diversion.