Please can someone look at my EP plans and tell me what I haven't thought about

Sat 17th Dec
Mon 19th Dec

It’s for me, DH, DD5&7. Thank you

For 17 Dec, are 16 & 17 out of order?

for my plans, I like to see some minutes in the FREE column… but that’s just met. After all, someone will need to stop for a bathroom break, will someone demand a snack?

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19 Dec Touring Plan is out of whack. Did you link a wrong version?

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Thank you. I just re evaluated. On the Sat we plan to be at the front of pack so should hopefully gain 15/20 mins. I’m trying to get a later MS FPP but nothing when I want it. We can skip Figment and try to grab a 4th FPP on the Monday. When we were having lunch at Coral reef I had the aquarium, cirle of life and Nemo again in the plan, hopefully we can still fit the aquarium in. On the Monday the plan after our FEA FPP is just to wander around WS and take in whatever shows are on when we pass. Monday is our rest day so apart from a couple of hours around lunch I’m trying to keep it flexible.

As I have a FPP for SE on Monday should I swap the Saturday one for Figment and do that after lunch instead?

Not sure how old the kids are, but -
Near Figment, there is a water fountain system that shoots water across the air to different fountain receptors…and even if you’re not a kid, they are pretty cool to watch, and take pictures. When you figure out the timing, you can have the kids stand under the path of the water that will be shot out, and grab a pic of them under the arc of water. Also, If the figment pavillion is the rooms with different kids’ activities - again, depending on your kids ages, you might have to peel them away. I had to peel ours away after a few minutes, but just beware, they might find something interesting in there. I’d say you could easily spend 10 minutes at those fountains - they are pretty cool. The kids will definitely get a kick out of them - you will too.
ETA - Made me think of looking for the pix we took. We didn’t bring a fancy cam to weigh us down - the phone is usually decent. Phone pic here, but you get the point:

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I think your plan for the 17th will set you up for disappointment. If even one of your waits are off, the whole thing will crash. 0 wait for AA? Maybe if you walk up right as the theater is opening, but if you miss it by 2 minutes it will be 30 until the next show. I guarantee that if you arrive at BG at 1:26, there WILL be a wait for a table (but maybe you planned that into your 80 min). It also looks like you have your walking speed set to sprint; walking alone I would have a hard time making these times - but with DDs 5 and 7? If you want to stick with this plan, I would pre-plan which steps could be dropped if your schedule goes wonky.

I don’t understand the afternoon at all. Return to Poly for 5 minutes? You indicate “date night” which means the kids are going back, but whose taking them? Also, you’re scheduled to see the Jammitors a half hour after their last show.

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Thanks @seebee & @SStottlemyer I’ve managed to change the times of my FPP, now we are doing SE in the morning and leaving Figment and the Fountains till the afternoon when we have more time and doesn’t matter if we get wet. Hopefully I can pick up a 4th FPP for Figment. I’ve also added innovations east. I have set the pace to fast but we should gain 15mins on soarin, if we don’t then we can do Living with the land later. When DH does TT the girls and I will be in Mexico so that’s another 15mins and we can skip china before our ADR if needed too. Do you still think we are cutting it too fine?

Thank you for helping, the afternoon is flexible, we will can see how we feel. I wasn’t planning on going round the WS on the 17th, but now we are lunching at Biergarten it seems sensible to do at least one or two pavilions. Kids club is from 4:30pm but we can drop them anytime and our evening ADR is probably not till 7:25pm at Narcoosses. If we can’t pick up a 4th FPP for Figment, then I could change my SE FPP on the 19th to Figment. My previous post didn’t send last night, do you still think my plan is too much, if so what would you move to the 19th please? Innoventions East location wise would make sense.

Figment is pretty much a constant loader (and, imo, a big letdown.) I don’t know what the H was happening on that attraction - the end was a fun surprise, but everything else just seemed like random, loud, dream sequences. Those jumping fountains, and the interactive stuff after you get off of the attraction were way better than the attraction itself, imo. Just offering that as an opinion if you are trying to decide if you’re better off skipping it. I was just not impressed at all with that one.

Also, unless you are completely anti-soda, Club Cool is worth a 10 minute stop. You can all decide which weird flavor you like the most, plus give the kids a little sugar bolt. I’d make sure that would coincide with a small non sugar snack to avoid a sugar crash, but that’s me. I even planned what snacks would go together at what time.

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I’ve read similar reviews on Figment, but 30 years ago I went on a previous version of that ride and bought a big Figment. I don’t realy remember the ride but I’ve loved Figment for 30 years, so I have to go. Is my plan OK now? Club cool was on the list, I think I dropped it because the only time to fit it in was just before a nap. If we are ahead of schedule I could put it before SE. I think for the plan to work we need to be at the front of the pack, would I be correct in thinking this means leaving the Poly at 7:30am?

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Hi Tate -
You won’t really be “playing in” the fountains, they are just cool to watch - the water flies out in arcs between each fountain – just wanted to make sure you didn’t think it was like a kids’ splash/play area.

As for your plans, roll with it. Epcot is big. Well, World Showcase is big. Much bigger than I thought it would be. If you run into snags that eat away at your time in Future World, you’ll have to rush for the long walk to WS. I tried to keep each area as split up as I could like you are trying to, it looks like.

What I’m trying to say is, if your tp is tight on time, and you run into some snag that is out of your control, just be prepared to not freak out and have backup plans, OR, be ready to cross something off of the list, or skip something.

-Test Track (or anything else - but Test Track is somewhat frequent) going “down.”
-The kids REALLY liking some small thing that you didn’t anticipate. Hate to have to pry them away from something that they might really like. You have to be prepared with the “here’s why we need to get to the next attraction” speech. Or have that talk beforehand.
-If you are right in the middle of Future World, and there is a Jammitors show just starting, are you really going to just walk right by it? (Id say they are totally worth seeing - I thought they were hilarious.)

Also, remember, have fun. And have fun with your family.

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Thank you, I’ve reduced our time in the parks recently as we will all have a better holiday if we’re not tired. As long as we are enjoying ourselves it doesn’t matter what we see and do. I loved the planning involved in a Disney holiday, however I’m tired of it now. I’m ready to print everything off and not even check the day before how much everything has changed. I will of course, but you get what I mean. I think I recently read a trip report from you? Will you be going back soon?

With the street shows does it matter if you miss the first couple of minutes? They can be tricky to add to TP’s, but I’m hopeful we will catch Janitors, and the chair one in France looks good.