Please can someone check over my HS plan

It’s for me, DH, DD5&7. The plan might end after Sci Fi if we are all tired. Thank you.

Is this your only day in HS?
Hollywood & Vine will be tight squeeze. I would allow more time. I imagine your DD will want to meet all the characters. I don’t think you can accomplish this in 40 min.
Fantasmic is a must see!

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Yes it’s our only day there, though we do have some free time later in the week if we want to pop back. I’m hoping we will have signed up for Jedi training by 8am, and then have nearly an hour for breakfast. I’m hoping we will see Fantasmic, but without the DP it’s only a maybe now.

What I noticed right off is that there is no time between breakfast at 8 and SciFi at 3:30 for a rest break, snack, etc. I know my grandkids would be wiped by 3:30 without a snack or break. Other than that you’ve got a nice flow to your day.

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Thank you, the girls and I aren’t doing TOT so we can get a snack then before BATB, and afterwards we have about 40 mins until we need to be at FF, I’ve put in Far far away but that can be moved until later. It’s a bit tight in a few places, but I’m OK if a couple of things get moved until later.

Ok. For some reason I don’t see any free time before FF.

Is “jedi training practice” just watching the previous show?

Thank you for helping @seebee & @MarieC Our break after BATB is A galaxy far far away & path of the jedi, both can be done later if needed. I believe you have to arrive 30 mins before your Jedi training time to practice a little and put on your robes.

TP gives you 15 minutes before the show. If you arrive 30 minutes before, your youngling might get antsy waiting. There’s a decent amount of waiting. I’d say that 20 minutes would be perfect. I know that the cm will probably tell you 30 minutes, but I think they are including a buffer for the ppl that underestimate, or have problems finding their way around. Just saying, 30 minutes - you can relax a tiny bit about the 30 minutes. If you get there 30 minutes before, and you run to make it, you’re gonna be peeved that you rushed to get there because there are probably going to be ppl that get there 10 minutes after you do, and they will not have missed anything at all.

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Another thing, Tate -
The Great Movie Ride -
Our 7 yr old son was mildly freaked out. It wasn’t even the Alien scene, it was the gangster shootout. He is no wimp, either. Not like he is scarred for life or anything like that, but when the shootout started, he ducked into the Mrs’s lap - pretty scared. Stayed there for a while. He actually watched the Alien thing with no issue. But when the shootout started, he freaked out pretty hard. No tears, but it was close.

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I am a bit concerned that GMR is our first ride at WDW. If we get out of H&V before 9am I might try TSMM first thing, and DH can do GMR later on his own. We’ll have finished our FPP by 2pm, so there’s a small chance I can pick up a 4th FPP. Other option is Launch Bay as our first attraction. Could do M&M in red carpet dreams, but at the moment my kids don’t like M&M, though I’m sure that will change when we get there. Thank you for your suggestions.