Please Audit my ADR/FP Plan! Dad alone with his!

Hi all,

I am taking my 3.5 year old son solo this year (wife staying home with the infant) so I am being extra attentive to my schedule. Pretty quick trip (3 nights/2 days) and both days in MK. Full dance card though for ADR. If you guys can audit my ADRs and offer advice and also my fastpass choices (we had 30 days out as we are staying at a Hilton on property but not a resort), it would be appreciated! Looking at it, I am wondering if I should try and book earlier FP reservations so we can use them and get more…

Mon 11/27: Arrive and dinner at Disney Springs

Tues 11/28 (Park is 8-6):
8:10AM-Tales with Belle FP
11:45AM-ADR Crystal Palace
1:35PM-Speedway FP
2:55PM-Jungle Cruise FP
5:35PM-ADR Chef Mickeys

Weds 11/29 (9AM to 10PM)
7:45AM-ADR Ohana (strongly considering cancelling…thoughts?)
9:35AM-Pooh FP
11:50AM-Buzz Lightyear FP
7:35PM-Be our Guest ADR
*Plan Wednesday is to leave around lunch and come back to stay late for the fireworks. Toddler…


You don’t say whether your son has ben before, so that may change your choices. I I was you I would cancel Ohana and try to replace it with a Chef Mickey breakfast reservation. This would also give you some flexibility on the first day as you could stay later or leave earlier depending on how your son is doing (my memory from that age is never underestimate the amount of time they want to spend in the pool!). I also would not have 2 table service meals in one day, even if they are buffets. I would do one table service and then work round snacks and quick service - one of the joys of holidays is letting normal rules go and replacing meals with a few snacks during the day.

In terms of FPs I am not sure how much he will enjoy jungle cruise - the jokes will go over his head. An alternative would be Peter Pan and Dumbo (although you could probably get Dumbo as a 4th FP).

My suggestion would be to play with times for your first day. If you are going to be in the park at eight _ use that first hour for standby rides. You can ride some fantasyland rides with low waits. Then get a 9, 10, and 11 FP. MK is the best park to get additional FPs and with two people should be easier.

My other suggestion is to consider a FP for meeting Mickey and Peter Pan . Talking Mickey is magical.

Hi thanks for the reply.

Yes, my son went last year for Halloween. Ohana is not a great character breakfast? Thought about cancelling just because it is so early and we already have other ADRs.

The table meals are for fun since they are all character meals.

Thanks for the reply on Jungle Cruise. He really liked it last year. I will for sure take a second look at fast passes and see what else is available

The 8:10 Belle FPP is probably unnecessary - I can’t imagine that the wait will be very long. Have you run your plans through the Optimizer to see what it suggests for FPP reservations?

I like your character meals since they give you different characters. I also like ‘Ohana since it is family style and therefor easier since you are alone. I think those meals will actually save you time since you will not have to stand in line or waste a fast pass.


Yes, have it run through the optimizer but it is using my own FP choices that I put in there. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

Untick the box that forces it to use your FPPs and see what it comes up with. You may find that it can make a better plan without using some of your FPPs, in which case you can swap them out for something that will benefit you more.