Plaza Resturant

I have a 5:10 ADR for the Plaza Restaurant and a FP+ for Enchanted Tales with Belle from 5:30-6:30. Does anyone know what the wait time is for ADRs at Plaza? I am hoping to hit my FP+ by 6:10-6:15, but it will all depend on how timely we are with our ADR. Thanks for sharing any insights.

We ate lunch there in July and didn’t wait too long.

Show up 15-20m early, ask for your check soon as your food delivered- you’ll be fine I bet.

Great! Thank you for the helpful tip.

Just ate there in September and had to wait awhile for a table for four. The restaurant isn’t very big, so they can get backed up at busy times. I agree with the suggestion to arrive early just so you don’t feel rushed during the meal.