Plaza breakfast review

so upcoming trip we are staying at BLT…most days we will eat breakfast in room, but 1st full day we are going to MK…so want to eat at either the Wave at contempo or Plaza at Mk. bog breakfast seems a bit over priced. I’ve heard good stuff about the Wave. anyone done breakfast at plaza in mk lately?

Will a report from President’s week do? I had never been to the Plaza before (I know- crazy) and I started reading some reports about the breakfast on chat so I added a last minute ADR. I used the TP reservation finder to move my 8:50 ADR up to 8:00. We knew we would be behind the rope drop crowd but we had an 8:00 BOG reservation later in the week, and DAH so I was not concerned. It was the first time I ever drove to MK for opening and we left POR at 7:10 and we were waiting outside The Plaza at 7:50.

We were quickly seated:

I ordered the lobster fried green tomato eggs Benedict

My family ordered that classic

I have to say that the mimosa was so much better than the one at BOG.

We enjoyed the breakfast and then watched the castle stage show for the first time.

Oh! Did I mention we the rope dropped Enchanted Tales?

My 26 year old!


oh now i remember this review. thanks for reposting. yea, was looking at the eggs bennie. we don’t even care about rd, although we could since its only a 10 minute walk from blt so we could do early breakfast

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It’s nice to just be at your destination by going to the Plaza. You’re already in MK.
I will say that the Wave has a fantastic breakfast with many, many options.
So, either is very convenient.

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Ditto to PrincipalTinker. We did the exact same thing, same time, same weekend. We left The Plaza and worked our way to the front of crowd for RD near TomorrowLand. We were walk on for SM. Depending on your touring plan, in hindsight, I think we should have RD FrontierLand and knocked out that side of the park. We had a touring plan and did everything with short waits but I think FrontierLand would be more efficient.

Breakfast was very good and priced well…for Disney!

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I’ve done all 3 and have to say each one has their own charm.

BOG - Gets you into a part of the park that’s empty after your breakfast if you get in before park opening. This can be incredibly relaxing and the ambiance of the restaurant ain’t nothin’ to sneeze at. If you finish up fast enough you can take your coffee (or other drink) out and walk around fantasy land a bit without crowds. Additionally, it also gives you a head start for Peter Pan or 7DMT. I personally love the open faced bacon, egg, and cheese (I make it at home a lot).

Plaza - Eating mickey waffles with bacon and eggs as you stare at the castle in the morning? Definitely awesome (though I do wish they would take down those yellow umbrellas until park opening as it blocks the view a bit). You can also eat there before rope drop so you can get your eating squared away before you go play for the day.

The Wave (sorry, no photos) - All the benefits of Chef Mickey’s without any of the noise or characters. You can also enjoy dishes instead of a buffet if you so choose. I got the buffet when I was there and it was excellent.

Now…with those 3 options out of the way, might I offer a 4th option? Sleepy Hollow Inn. Huge mickey waffle with toppings and eat right next to the castle. While certainly not the most healthy breakfast available, it is one of my favorite breakfast spots.

The only downside is it’s not open until park opening, so you can’t eat there early or expect to ropedrop anything.

(views from the table)


yea, I think we may do the Wave on our last day before Tragical Express arrives

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thanks. have only done BOG for lunch - which I do enjoy other than the noise.


I noticed BOG in the morning isn’t that bad for noise. But if I’m honest, it never really bothers me unless it’s shrieking. But I never had an issue hearing anyone.

doesn’t really bother me as much as it does DH

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Let us know how it goes. When is your trip?

oct 26 - nov 4

I booked the wave for breakfast for the BLT stay in August.