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Well, I’m coming up with a few different plans for our upcoming spring break trip… as it’s looking to be crowded as all get-out, I’m going to continue with the tactic I’ve had the past couple trips which is to focus on a land (or two) in the morning, take a break at the hotel after lunch, then head back in the afternoon for a different land (or two) in the evening. Then I reverse the order for the next day (so we see all the lands in the day and in the evening.)

Here’s the actual question: when rope-dropping early entry, has anyone gone straight to Jungle Cruise or Haunted Mansion? Right now, the plans are showing 50-minute waits for both of those.

I do have Genie+, which I’ll use, but I am ultimately utilizing the data from Touring Plans.

Thanks in advance for any insight… this used to be easier in the FastPass days. I know, broken record.

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Only fantasyland and Tomorrowland are open for early entry. So I think both JC and HM do not open until park open, which is why it’s giving you a longer wait time.


It’s always crowded for spring break season- the weather is practically perfect most times, school is out, and folks are ready for sunshine.

However WDW wasn’t as crowded this past Christmas holiday season as in years past believe it or not.

Long lines have been the number one complaint over the years and Disney has listened.

So I’m hopeful that this spring break will not see the two-four hour waits of the past on headliners.

With APR’s Disney can adjust capacity, a focus they’ve never really considered in the past other than for fire code.

And if you RD ETPE, at MK you’ll want to head to Peter Pan’s Flight or Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train.

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APRs… not sure I know that one?
Annual Pass… something?

APR is Advance Park Reservation. You need that for the park you plan to go to first each day, in addition to your ticket or annual pass.

Ah, well, that is covered. Thanks!

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