Play Disney & Other In-Park Gaming

My family (DH, DD18, DS15, DS10, DS10) are all heavy gamers and had so much fun playing Kim Possible at Epcot back in 2009 that I’m trying to make sure I know what all is available and best approach for our visit next week. (Please don’t judge-it’s a thing for us and we are pretty good about interactively gaming as a family.)

Anyone have any “If I’d known ahead of time I’d have done it differently” tips? How is wi-fi vs data (we have AT&T) responsiveness in the parks?

In particular, should I set everyone up for Play Disney as different players on my device or is it better for each to use own devices? We will all be together for everything on this trip. (My older two kids have phones with data plans. The youngest two have kindles that either use WiFi or hotspot off of one of us. Not sure if the Play Disney app will even work on those. We’ve been able to successfully install some but not all Google Play apps in those.)

Here is what I’m aware of:

Play Disney (including Agent P that replaced Kim Possible)

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

A Pirate’s Adventure

For Sorcerers, I’m bringing baseball card holder pages in a binder and we’re all reading the first book of the series.

We also all play one or more of the Niantic AR games (Ingress, Pokémon Go, Wizards Unite) which we hear are great fun in the parks.

Any tips or insights appreciated!

I cannot answer your technical questions but to your Must Do list you must add the Play Disney Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. My nephews had a an obsessively great time playing it in December, as did my DD21 when we were there in November.

If possible, I would have each player have their own device, unless your bunch is very ok with joint achievements and taking turns doing the puzzles and such.

And we used data, but sometimes the Disney WiFi worked better for accuracy in location which can be important for the games. Like when you are solving a puzzle and getting droids to talk to you when you succeed!


We enjoyed Agent P and Pirates (although I think your 10 year olds are better suited for that one than your older kids) Sorcerers is really fun if you plan enough time for it. We tried to do it in passing during a chunk of free time and just didn’t have enough more time alloted to really get into it. More experienced players will be able to guess how much time you might want.
I don’t know the timeline but I read they are switching out Agent P for Duck Tales. Same general game I’d assume though. (ETA, just saw your trip is next week so no worries re: Duck Tales)

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We are heading there at the end of the month. I was reading so many negative things about the app with the Agent P game, I think playing it from the website will be better for our family. We also have Sorcerers cards from the past. I am putting them in a smaller photo album that holds one card per page so it will fit nicer in my back pack. I can’t speak to the Star Wars games as that is really not a big interest for my family. I’d love to hear what works from you when you get back.

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Not in the park, but have you checked out the void? I think 10 is the age requirement - might be a cool experience for your group.

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Probably won’t have time to work it in to our WDW trip, but I’ve noted their Plano location since we live in Texas.

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