Platinum Pass photo downloads

I have a trip planned with my family and my parents (who are on my friends and family list). My parents just surprised us by picking up Platinum APs. I had planned on getting Memory Maker for our trip, but if they get photo downloads with their APs, do pictures of my family get included as well since we’re on the F&F list, or does the photo downloads only cover the two of them?

Yes, all of your travel party will show up in your photo pass photos.

Wait I am not certain the answer is yes.

You will be included in any pictures that are taken that the ap holder has their pass scanned for.

If you are on say splash mountain and there are no ap holders with you the pucture will not show up on their download.

Simply any picture you want with memory maker has to be scanned by the ap pass holder. Unless tou buy a package. Tjen anyone on the f&f list is included.

At least this was my inderstanding when they first came out. Others with more experiencenolease chime in.

That’s what I was wondering. If my kids go and take a character picture somewhere and scan their bands, they won’t be included in my parents’ downloads.

I think it has been reported that since they are friends they may still be able to see them but they cannot be downloaded?