Platinum Pass Discount

I will have a Platinum Pass and want to book a room for February 2020. What is the best way to maximize chances of a discount? How and when should I book? Thinking of POR, Coronado or Beach Club.

Check Mousesaver’s list of historical AP discounts:

What I did was book my room, then watch for the Disney Visa Card discount which sometimes precedes the others. This winter there wasn’t one, but the General Public discount came out and I rebooked the room online under that discount. Then the AP discount came out and I rebooked it again. In this way I have saved 35% off the rack rate.

There might not be any discounts at all in Feb of 2020 due to Star Wars, but at least this way you have a room . You should book it as soon as you can, you can always get the discount later. If there is one!