Platinum Pass Benefits

The Platinum Pass allows free parking at the parks. Does it also allow free parking at the resorts?

Nope. No free parking at the resorts with an AP. You can get free parking by booking with MVT (Magical Vacations Travel) or by renting DVC points.

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What about when you visit hotel to eat? for example, eating at Chef Mickey. Can you park for free when just getting something to eat, perhaps look around hotel grounds?

Yes, you can park for free if you have an ADR at that hotel.

If you get a 4 days pass and on the first day in the park you sign up for an annual pass, the remaining days you go, your parking will be free, correct? Will they give you a credit for the parking for that day?

Yes, if you hang on to your parking receipt and show it to the CM at Guest Services, they will apply that day’s parking fee towards your upgrade.