Plans for MK on a Level 10 Day?

Due to MK closing early the following day, our planned full day at MK has jumped to a 10 on the Crowd Calendar. For our plans, it really works best for us to do MK that day, but I’ve started to second guess whether we should switch it to another day, and I’m not sure what the best choice is. I’m already juggling all the operational changes while working to efficiently lay our our trip, so this adds an unneeded complication.

In addition to the possible complication of insane crowds, I’m not yet confident in our touring strategy (which is critical if we do end up going on a lvl 10 day). Due to the fact that only Fantasyland and Tomorrowland are open during ETPE, our usual strategy of RD’ing JC then working our way counter-clockwise through Pirates, BTM, Splash, HM, and into Fantasyland is no longer an option, and I’m basically starting from zero. I’m currently considering G+ LL for JC, RD’ing Pan (and possibly IaSW), and then being at HM when Liberty Square opens at regular park open and working clockwise through BTM, Splash, and Pirates. I usually run my strategies through the “evaluate” function to get a sense of how they might play out, but that’s not really been working out so far. The system seems to still struggle with RD, and now even more so with ETPE. If I put Pan first, it states 11 min to get there, and a wait time of 27 min. Given that, from what I understand, the hold point into Fantasyland is all the way up to Cheshire Cafe, it should take us maybe 3 min. to get to Pan, and I’m expecting it to be a walk-on, given that most of the crowd will likely head to 7DMT. So then everything is unnecessarily pushed back 35 min. which causes a ripple effect that is throwing the whole plan out of whack.

Any thoughts or advice? Am I just way overthinking all of this (it’s my nature)?