Plans don't seem to handle EMM properly?

I have EMM Fantasyland at MK and was playing with my plan for that day. It doesn’t seem that the AI behind it properly handles EMM as if I optimize it will have me going to places that aren’t even open at the time of EMM. I have to put a hard stop in there at 9am and manually rearrange things to only have the open rides before 9am.

For EMM, the paid events, I don’t think the optimiser does take it into account. Most people just start their plans from the normal park opening. You really don’t need a plan for EMM, whether for MK or DHS.

Out of interest, what rides was it having you go to? They recently added extra attractions that will be open.

For EMH it should take it into account. But if you Evaluate and have Splash as your first ride it will give you the correct wait time of an hour + 5 minutes.

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Yet is specifically asks if you are attending EMM and adjusts the times accordingly, so it implies it should be handling it.

I noticed that as well. I have EMM and when I clicked the little circle saying I was attending, it automatically but 7:45 as the start of my plan. I had to go override it and change it back to 9. Then I just took all the attractions I am going to do at EMM out of the plan since I, personally, will be ok not doing them again the rest of the day after EMM ends.
When I did it, the plan wanted me to go to Buzz Lightyear at 8:46. At least I am not a person who follows technology over logical sense, unlike my fiance. This would be the conversation:

Fiance: Ok, it is 8:42. We better head over to Buzz Lightyear.
Me: Baby, that attraction is not open until 9.
Fiance: No, we have to go now.
Me: But why if it is not open?
Fiance: Because it is in the PLAN! THE PLAN TELLS US TO!
Me: Ok hun, you head on over there. I will go ride “7 Dwarves” again and meet you there real soon!


To me 8:46 isn’t such a bad suggestion, I thought you were going to say it said to do it at 7:46.

I guess it depends what else it had you doing right before and after. And whether it already had you riding everything else that was open.

Any chance you could publish it, or did you change that one?

Already changed it! My ADHD and my OCD combined are a lethal combination! If I alter it again and see it happen again I will publish it!


It probably does depend on if you have enough EMM valid things to fill the morning. I’ve found through other experiments with TP that the plan bots do NOT handle empty time well at all. And that’s being kind.

The thing is though that if the plan already had you doing all the EMM stuff in an hour, what else can it do but send you to wait for the next ride?

And since Buzz is right by the breakfast for EMM, it’s a reasonably sensible choice IMO.

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What it can do is put “free time” in and set the next step to be a a correct time. This is what I mean by it doesn’t handle empty space well though. For example, try setting a ride that allows it to be ridden at night, but not having enough steps to fill in the time until then.

What it SHOULD do:
Set the ride to be at night as requested, leaving a gap from the previous step with the “free time” set appropriately. Just as it would if you had a meal scheduled without stuff to do until the.

What it DOES do:
Moves the ride down to daytime, up at the end of the last step.

This is what I mean by it doesn’t handle empty space well. So this is probably he problem with EMM. If you don’t have enough EMM valid tries set to fill up all the time until Rope Drop, then it will just blindly schedule the next thing anyway, even if it isn’t valid.

If I set up a plan with EMM on and put no EMM valid rides in it (stupid, but the extreme edge case) it will just put my first ride at 7:30 even though it isn’t a valid EMM ride.

That isn’t my experience at all. If I only put in enough rides to last until 2pm for instance, because I’m intending to leave the park, but I forget to edit the end time, I’ll find all my rides in the last hour where the short waits are and the rest of the day empty. The software looks to find the plan that gives you the shortest overall time in line for the day. Although it does sometimes need you to optimise a few times to settle down.

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I’ve yet to figure out how to force plans to include After Hours.

Take a look at this test plan. Full day in the park but not enough rides to fill the day, and I added a second instance of Seven Dwarfs marked as after sunset.

No gaps at all for me, even though some of the waits are quite long. And the one marked after sunset i placed in the afternoon :slight_smile:

But what do you mean you “marked it as after sunset”? I thought the only things you could fix in time were breaks, such as meals and actual down-times… ?

I see what you’re saying. I’ve never had that in one of my plans though. And the only ride it ever gives me the option of riding after dark is Space Mountain, which I don’t care about, it being indoors and all.

Some rides say on them that they offer a different experience after dark and allow you to select after 5, and a couple of other options.

Note the “Time of Day” preference at the bottom when you edit some rides, like 7 Dwarfs

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Never really noticed that before. But it doesn’t keep to that? Gotcha, I think!

Yeah i gives you the option and then ignores it. Unless you have enough stuff to fill the entire day and get you to night time then it will honor it.

Same with EMM if you don’t have enough stuff to fill EMM it will start slotting in non EMM stuff.

Just in general it seems TP doesn’t handle empty time properly.