Plans disappeared in MyDisneyExperience

Merry Christmas everyone!

I know this has come up before, but can someone reassure me that everything will be okay or tell me I’m screwed?

I planned a Christmas WDW trip for the wife’s boss (on short notice). Everything was set the best I could make it with the time I had. They were set to arrive yesterday, so just out of curiousity, I logged in to their account, and what did I find? No FPP, no ADR, no nothing! Is it really gone or is this just an app glitch and it’s all still there?

To clarify, this is on the website and the phone app.


I would try calling the tech help line. The number is 1-800-848-6413, option #3. My husband’s tickets for our upcoming trip disappeared from MDE a few weeks ago and our travel agent was able to call and get them back in short order. Good luck!


I had this happen while on my trip last week. A bit nerve wracking. I signed out of the app and then shut it down. Relaunched it and signed back in. Everything was there. Maybe try an incognito window? I was having major issues last week using a browser to access MDE. It was app or nothing.

I’m looking forward to hearing how they’re trip went.


Last September one supper ADR disappeared the day before. After it didn’t reappear I kept checking reservations until I found something within 15 min of the original time.

Then that evening they both showed up in MDE. I don’t know how I was able to make the second if the first was in the system but invisible.

That was our only problem while at Disney tho I had to spend nearly an hour twice before we left in order to get Magic Bands straightened out.

Tech support was great but it was evident when they were occasionally stymied.

I hope the trip goes with much problem. I’m never shy about reaching out to Disney when we have had difficulties. One trip we were at guest services at least once a day with a recurring KTTW problem.


Hey Faceless-

Likely just a glitch.

Give it some hours, go incognito in your browser, and give it a go. Try the app.

It should all reappear. If not call Guest Services. Many times it looks Fine on t heir end

Up date us too


Happened to me many times. It was a glitch and when I’d log out and log back in everything would reappear. In my case it wasn’t all gone, however, mostly just one or two people didn’t exist.

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I eventually found out what happened (I was not the direct contact for the travelers)

Their flight was canceled due to fog on 12/24. They couldn’t rebook the flight that day and had to cancel the whole thing. That’s why the plans disappeared. Not a glitch.

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What a bummer! I hope they learned a bit from the planning trip and put some more time and thought into their next trip.

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I said to make sure they start more than 60 days out next time. :grin: