Plans are coming together!

Friends and family’s eyes glaze over when I talk about trip planning but I’m excited that our plan has come together!!! This trip is the exact opposite of what I would normally plan: DD 10 requested no RD’s, plenty of pool time, AK and MK, and late nights in the park! I’m a firm believer in RD and love SDFP! This is an unexpected bonus trip and fun to let her take the lead!
Day 1: should land at 4 and will explore the resort
Day 2: slow morning, pool time, Chef Mickey’s (her choice) and MK with evening EMH until 11. (Have not given up the PPO BOG just yet :joy:)
Day 3: slow morning, pool time, manicures (a first for both of us), dinner at Sanaa before DAH AK.
Day 4: slow morning, pool time, Raglan Road, new Cirque du Soleil show, and MK Villians AH
Day 5: pool time before flying home.
She easily sleeps 10-12 hours given the chance (I’ll be bringing plenty of books!) our schedule is grueling during the school year so it will be nice (hopefully) to relax. We travel really well together except for our completely different body clocks! Other trips have been RD, midday break, late nights! Really happy that we can do the DAH events, and neither of us have ever seen Cirque du Soleil. It’s really funny planning a trip with her now that she has an opinion!!! I’m just glad she still wants to go with me!!!


It’s hard to make that mental shift but worth it for harmony and everyone enjoying the trip.

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The day after I posted our “finished” plan DAH MK was announced!!! So I changed the whole thing!!! Ended up with a cheaper flight and a better room! Cirque du Soleil even switched our tickets for us! Here’s the latest plan (love it sooooo much more)
Day 1:
Fly in at 4, DAH MK!!
Day 2:
Sleep in, manicures, pool time, Raglan Road for dinner
Day 3:
Sleep in, pool time, catch FFP in MK, cirque du soleil show 5:30-7:30pm, back to MK for Evening EMH
Day 4:
Sleep in, pool time, Sanaa before DAH AK!!
Day 5:
Sleep in, Water park, chef Mickey’s, late night flight home!
Right now my kiddo has no interest in any other park but if they continue the mid-day tickets or add DAH HS we are in!

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Sounds great. This is exactly the type of trip I can imagine taking with my boys (but one in one) in a few years.

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And plans have changed again!!! So funny (in an OMG kind of way). My Dad wants to join for a day so switched our flights to the 5am departure which gives us 2 full days with my parents before our mom and daughter late nights only trip starts! My mom felt bad that we were adding an unexpected park day to our trip so she is giving us park tickets for that day for Christmas/birthday and in turn I am giving them FOTLK Tier 1 Tiffins package for Christmas/anniversary! It’s a win win! My Dads mobility is an issue so this should make it more enjoyable and I’ve always wanted to Dine with an animal specialist so the private safari should be similar and he LOVES a good meal!
This makes about the 900th change to our original trip!!!