Planning with EMH and Pre-Park Breakfast

How do I set up touring plan that considers my pre park opening breakfast reservation? We have 8:05 reservation at BOG in September and I know we can ride 7 dwarfs and probably peter pan before crowd gets there when park opens. My plan is then to head to splash mountain and big thunder mountain. Still going to get fast passes for 7 dwarves, space mountain, peter pan and enchanted tales with belle (using child swap on space mountain) There are 6 of us and some of us our doing different fast passes which is why there are 4 choices. What would be the best fast pass times?

Also, we are hitting EMH at MK on that Friday and then leaving at noon for HS. We are saving our fast passes for HS since we are arriving late. Do the touring plans take in consideration the EMH when estimating wait times?

When have a Fantasmic dining package reservation at HS for 3:55pm. If we arrive around 1 or 1:30, what are the best fast pass times? Planning on TS Mania, Rock n coaster and TOT. When I try to create a touring plan for the late arrival, it keeps telling me not to use a fast pass for TS Mania but I would hate to have a long wait and with reserved seats for fantasmic and wanting to see star wars fireworks, later in the evening may not be an option. We may have to do 1 fast pass for after dinner, but my husband is pretty determined to get a fast pass for Indiana Jones. He’s a huge fan and wants to be an extra and we were going to try and get a same day fast pass. I am afraid if we waiting until after dinner to use the 3rd fast pass, we won’t be able to get one for Indiana Jones for the 6pm show.

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This is similar to a question I asked the other day about how to tell the system that you will be present at the front of rope drop. The answer was basically that there is really no way to do it without rigging the plan a bit. Some suggest not listing the rides themselves but instead adding a “break” into the plan at the very beginning and just making notes on it of what rides you will ride. Others suggest adding fast passes for those rides first thing even though you don’t have them so it will show shorter wait times.

The touring plan will give you a check box to indicate if you plan to use the EMH hours. If you indicate that you will use them, it should figure times accordingly.