Planning trip

So while my family is sleeping off the MNSSHP, Im planning our next trip. When does MVMCP start? Trying to plan a trip nect year so we can go to MNSSHP and MVMCP in same trip! Possible? Doable? Ideas Liners? Tx.

The first night this year is Friday November 7. The last day of my trip is the 8th, but I’m not going to be able to do the party. Are you thinking of going this year it next? It must be very exciting to plan s new trip right away!

Next year! Dd bday is 10/24 so we typically plan our fall trip around that!

The last HP is Oct 31st the first CP is Nov 7th this year. Don’t know is 2015 will be the same.
Good luck, sounds like a great plan.

How fun! If you want to do the Christmas party instead of the Halloween party, you might have to do your trip a bit after her birthday, but it will be worth the wait. :slight_smile: