Planning / Touring Plans Questions

I’m trying to prepare touring plans and do some tweaks for our trip. Park Days are June 1-7.

  1. My daughter will be 4 in April. My dad measured her today with shoes and she’s 38-3/4". Would you recommend planning FPP for her for the 40" rides? Or not? I’m not looking for ways to cheat the system - just trying to figure out so I can plan / prepare her.
  2. Indiana Jones’s last show is at 6PM. TP says its a 30 min show. Dinner reservations are at 6:30 at 50’s Prime Time. Is that doable or should we change plans for the show?
  3. If we head straight for Jedi Training sign up at rope drop, how long should we plan to wait to sign up? Also, how big of a deal is it if I sign my daughter up and then she decides she doesn’t want to do it at the last minute? She says she wants to; however, I’m afraid she’ll change her mind once the time comes.
  4. Is there a walkway yet from TS Land to Star Tours?
  5. I’ve read before to allow 2 hours for character dining. Is that necessary? I feel like we took maybe 60-75 minutes on our last trip, but was that a fluke? Should I plan 2 hours just in case?
  1. It’s difficult to predict your kid’s growth rate but I guess there is a good chance she will make it. Some cast members look much more closely than others. On our first trip, my son was less than 1/4 of an inch too short for Splash Mountain but he wasn’t stopped from going in by a CM until our 3rd pass. It was his favorite ride, we had done it twice, there was clearly no safety issue so we stuffed some extra socks in his shoes so that he was just tall enough… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  2. I think if you sit right by one of the exits it is doable.

  3. I don’t think it’s even necessary to sign up at rope drop anymore. Best to go do Slinky Dog or something first and then go sign up ? If she gets cold feet, no worries. If all the spots are filled, they ahave a back-up list.

  4. There wasn’t in Nov. Not sure now.

  5. We did ours in approximately 90 minutes without rushing like crazy but without taking our time that much either.