Planning the perfect trip — your help is required

Yes. We start home the next morning quite early. Have about a 12+ hour drive!

Yeah, probably not. Although, catching it in the airport itself is also a possibility!

Alas. We may be doomed.

It did briefly occur to me that I could just buy MVMCP tickets and then I could meet you there. But — oh! — how things have changed. The tickets that night are $179. Plus tax. And I’d need four. That’s about £650. Plus return Ubers from UOR. Call it £700. Wow. That’s a lot.

When I first visited WDW the exchange rate was $1.30 to the pound. It’s currently $1.19. The peak between the two was $1.42. And in 2017 MVMCP tickets in mid-December were around $109. That double-whammy means that MVMCP tickets are 85% more expensive now than they were in 2017.

The value just isn’t there for me. No Dream Lights on the Castle. Yes the special fireworks, yes the special parade. And then what else? “Free” cookies and massive crowds. Nope. Too rich for my blood. And I had dinner at V&A. How the mighty are fallen.


Just convince the airline to fly faster.

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With the current state of UK air travel and airports, I’ll be lucky if the airline agrees to fly at all.

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It was so hot when you went in June that even if you had been well, it would have been an exhausting trip. I am certain that in December you will be able to enjoy yourself again and love WDW again.

For Trader Sam’s – it’s adults only after 8 which may help your friends enjoy it even more. We’ve done it as an afternoon break on a lot MK day, but we have kids so we have to go early anyway. I confess that you are responsible for my rather large collection of Disney tiki mugs. I hope they have them in stock when you go so that your friends can get the ones they want.

Sci-Fi is fun, but know that the cars fit two-by-two. We get the hamburgers and shakes, which you said would work for your friends. It’s one of those places with good enough food, but we go there because it is unique. (My family has never been interested in the menu or the teasing at 50’s.)

Thinking about Anty’s love of modes of transportation, have you thought about renting a boat? You used to be able to rent ones at CR if memory serves.

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We are also going in December and staying at WL. We plan to do visit the monorail resorts to see all the decorations. As far as character meals, the top of my list is Artist’s Point. Everyone I know has had a great experience there. We also like GG, but wish the character breakfast was back. O’hana was actually the best character meal interaction we had, DS was 4 at the time and didn’t liek characters. I have the cutest picture of Mickey getting him to smile. Plus the food was really good.

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For your character meal, we love Topolino’s Terrace breakfast. Great food and unique character outfits and obviously the view is fantastic on the terrace.

For us 50s PT >>>>> Sci Fi. I have never understood the Sci Fi love. average food and the theming is ok I guess, maybe just not our cup of tea. We love 50s PT though, food is rock solid for what it is and it is always super fun if your group would appreciate the vibe. Judging by your sense of humor, I think it is a great fit.

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