Planning the days for a week-long trip

Taking a 9 day trip in the spring with 2 adults, 4 kids (age 8-17 at trip time). We go every 1.5-2 years (last trip with kids March 2017). We will arrive mid-late afternoon on day 1 and leave early am on day 9. That leaves 7 full days in the middle. Tell me how you usually plan your week. I’m pretty good at planning individual park days but I’m having a really hard time figuring out a good mix of RD, park time, resort time, including the night time shows, etc. If we close a park at 10 and then bus back to resort, I think it will be hard to RD the next day. What does your week-long trip look like?


This will be our first trip, but this is what we’re doing. Two week trip, 3 generations (grandparents in 60s/70s, us, kids 8, 6, 4). Our current schedule is like this:

Day 1: Arrive late (driving from NC)
Day 2: Resorts, swim, etc.
Day 3: RD Epcot and stay until mid afternoon
Day 4: RD MK, leave for afternoon break, return for 5-9 or so
Day 5: off
Day 6: RD to close at HS
Day 7: AK from 11ish (or when we can get there) until close (I think at 7)
Day 8: off
Day 9: MK from 10-4 or so (one set of grandparents leaving this day, the other arriving)
Day 10: EP from RD to 1 or 2, leave for a break, come back from 5ish to close
Day 11: off
Day 12: RD MK and stay until we want to leave
Day 13: RD AK if people want to do FOP, if not get there by 10ish and stay until 4 or 5
Day 14: pack, swim, etc and leave early the next day (driving 10ish hours)

I have purposely not put any back to back closings and RD. I’ve put a break day in between each day. And we have lots of days to leave in the early afternoon if we’re tired and just want to swim or relax. We’re doing 2 weeks on purpose so we don’t feel like we have to cram it all in, and to give all the grandparents their own week instead of trying to share/coordinate.


Nice to have such a long trip so you can have lots of rest days. Maybe someday…:slight_smile:

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This is our 9 night plan:
Day 1: MCO 8:30am, AK by noon (driving rental)
Day 2: Late arrival EP half park with fireworks
Day 3: Free day
Day 4: MK Early/half park
Day 5: HS early, mid day break, back for Star Wars Fireworks
Day 6: AK Early, mid day break, back for nighttime
Day 7: Free day
Day 8: EP Early arrival, 2nd half of park
Day 9: MK Early, midday break, back for fireworks
Day 10: Free day, leave for airport by 4:30pm, flight at 7:30.

The free days are fallback for hard to get FP, waterpark, or just whatever we want. I try to have a late arrival of free days after night shows.

We’ll only get to go every 3 years. Gotta make it count!