Planning podcasts

I looooved the backside of magic podcast. What is a similar podcast I can listen to in order to plan my first trip since covid? So much has changed!

Welcome!!! There is nothing quite like Backside of Magic… many of us here are still mourning the loss of that podcast…I enjoy Disney Dish for a lot of different reasons, and I still listen to the occasional DIS podcast (although usually at 2x speed)… Others will chime in with their favorites too!!!

My favourite Podcast for planning is WDW Prep To Go. Not frequent, but the trip planning podcasts are great. They interview a guest before their trip about what they plan to do each day. Then they interview them after about how each day actually went. Find it very informative in how to pivot when things don’t go to plan! My other fav is the Be Our Guest podcast.

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Here is another vote for both Be Our Guest and Disney Dish. They are different but both great.

Disney Dish I find very funny and interesting, of course we all know one of the hosts @len and Jim Hill has a wealth of information.

BOG has 4 episodes a week so it there is a lot of content. But each one has a different focus so you can pick the ones you are most interested in (ie Mondays are always trip reports)