Planning phase completed- now I have to wait for the trip 😒 So depressed!

I just booked 5 days worth of club level and regular FPP on Wednesday for our holiday trip. It was amazing! So nice to call on your own schedule, and get everything at the exact time you wanted. It could not have gone smoother, SS was wonderful to work with. I may be too spoiled to ever stay non Club level again!


How do you hunt for more fastpasses while in a park?

But you do have to sit around and twiddle your thumbs for 90 days.:smile:
Although you’re right, it’s a fair trade-off.
I guess you can play with your ADRs if you don’t have anything better to do. If I had it to do over again, I’d have cut some of them out.


Don’t forget to re-evaluate those plans every now and then. Keep updating with the most recent data so that your plans don’t get thrown for a loop and so, if they do, you have time to rearrange.

Seriously! I am listening to YouTube videos and podcasts while I do everything! And I stalk the forums four or five times a day.

I only booked club for 4 out of our 10 days, so I still had the 60 day rush. Not as crazy since I had already booked all the E-tickets, but I did have some days where I didn’t purchase for everyone, so I had to match up some FPs. That was slightly challenging, but after tweaking I got everything within 5 minutes. With 51 days left I am now picking out matching shirts :smiley:


2nd sticky for the TP WDW forum:

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Just booked mine today! That’ll be me!!

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You won’t be sorry. It seems like a pretty big expense in the beginning, but the whole vacation is, isn’t it? I looked at it like trip insurance I’d actually use.

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Yes, I am nervous going down with our family of six during New Year’s and worried about picking up FP’s for the headliners on the fly throughout the day. Although I know what I am doing (thanks to all of you lovely folks and the app with my TP’s), I don’t want to have my face buried in my phone the whole time and I’m happy knowing I at least have our must-do’s booked. The rest I’m sure I can navigate on my own!

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You definitely don’t need to have your face buried in the phone the whole time. Pretty much just while you’re walking through the line on the ride you just tapped into. Then, if you’re doing same day drops…I recommend setting an alarm for about 3 minutes before each drop to try and grab and modify…so you don’t have to keep checking your phone.