Planning phase completed- now I have to wait for the trip 😒 So depressed!

Just finished booking my groups’ FPPs for our November trip. ADRs have been booked for awhile. I have my schedule finalized. I have nothing left to do vis-a-vis planning for this vacation. It’s depressing.

Nobody in my family understands the excitement of the planning phase. They just enjoy the ride when we get to WDW.

More photo trip reports would help :grin:. Get on it folks, for my sanity.


Lol!! The 60 day wait takes forever!! Subscribe to some good Disney podcasts, binge watch DFB videos, re-do your already perfect TPs, etc. :wink:


You can plan your food selections or virtually “walk” your plan on google maps. It’s tough but it will be here before you know it!


Or you can do what some of us do and keep adding extras… LOL


Or make copies of each TP and tweak endlessly until it all goes to hell and you just delete it.


Have you coordinated your outfits to your park days? Considered Tinkerbell gifts? Ordered groceries? How about customized cakes? Oh the things I can spend my “Disney planning time” on in the interim! I’m less than 30 days from FP day and dreading the in between period.


Ha Ha. As my kids are 16 (girl) and 14 (boy), I think I would run into some resistance with coordinated outfits! My wife already looks at me like I’m crazy when I talk about WDW planning. Tinkerbell gifts and cakes may make her start looking for a divorce lawyer! :laughing:


I did tinkerbell gifts when we went 11 years ago. I didn’t know they were a thing, I just did notes, and gifts or invites to the special dinners we had that day to get my kids excited. We went again this year and my 14 year old son asked, “will they send us notes and invites like they did last time?” This made me so happy because he appreciated something I did. I of coarse, hadn’t planned on doing it that year as he was no 14. So there was mixed emotions there.


Have you checked the EMH pattern to see if you’d make any changes to your park days if the current EMH shown changes?

Do the kids know how to hunt for fastpasses? Everyone can take turns hunting for the next fastpass while you’re in the park if you teach the whole party how to do it. Keep score of who can get the best ones.

Start working on your packing lists, buying anything you’ll need to take, and also the list of things that is better to get once you are there.


Is planning ever really completed? :thinking:


I call this the “re-think every decision I’ve made phase”.
Most times I don’t actually change anything, but I do search for ADRs that I think I can fit it & become obsessed with finding them on my own. Then once I do, I usually sleep on it a day or 2 then come to my senses and cancel it. I did that just last night actually. Booked Cape May around 1am, then canceled it around 9am today, lol.


I couldn’t agree more!

I’m at 53 days and keeping myself busy by trying to modify all the FPP I couldn’t get or got crappy times for!

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You never know when something might come up. Don’t be surpised if you get the chance to tweak something. I agree with the watching of videow—I never watched you tube much but planning this trip I’ve watched it a ton! Every day!

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I’m thrilled to learn it’s not just me. Here I thought I’d get so much more done after the 60 day mark…but down to 34 days and I’ve probably filled all of that “extra” time with these forums, YouTube, etc. etc. etc.

My name is Kelly and I’m a planning addict.


I know just how you feel!

I do all of the things you all mentioned above and my husband thinks I’m crazy. I’m so glad I’m not the only one :joy:


Lucky you. I have to wait until next September, having booked it in April when free DDP became available (UK site)!! Oh well plenty of time for planning…

I was looking forward to being done at 60 days but I still have to try to get 3 elusive FP and modify one ADR time…so I kind of envy you b/c I just wish I’d gotten those FP. I know you you feel though—still so far away. Plenty of packing time though…my family has a hard time getting packed on time so I should start like yesterday. :wink:

It could be worse. Pity the poor folks who are done at 90 days because they have club level FP. They just spend the time figuring out if they really need that FOP FP at 9:00. or 9:15 will do.