Planning out meal plans vs meals to pay for

I am planning out which meals we will be using the meal plan for, and which to be paying for out of pocket. We are going to the Hoop Dee Doo Revue one night, and i see that going “costs” 2 Table Service meals. we have a bunch of other character meals that we are going to (1900 Park Fare, Hollywood and Vine, Akershus, Chef Mickey) as well as some other table service meals. Is it really worth using two TS options for the HDR?

It’s all a matter of personal preference. But many people feel it is.

It’s the same as asking whether it’s worth it to use 2 credits for CRT, CG or Jiko.

You may look at the numbers. Since HDDR includes tip and alcohol it may be a good OOP choice.

WDWprepschool has a list of the best value meals on the DDP, they are ranked with average & max cost. Should help you determine which to pay for with cash.

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As HDD is “family style” I would probably suggest OOP as its actual cost isn’t too bad. I found (most of the time) that 2 credits were better to pay OOP - but that is just for us. Also in my humble opinion - it isn’t worth it to pay extra to be closer - I understand why people like that - however we were in zone 2 and that was great. I think even up on the 2nd floor is great vantage point. If it isn’t crowded (which our evening wasn’t) they move you to the front anyway. So there was no one upstairs

When I priced it out for my two table service meals oop vs CRT oop. It wasn’t that much of a difference. I ended up using meals for CRT because the oop I split an adult meals between two kids and the third kid just ordered an appetizer salad and share with my husband. The other was CP breakfast. I think I came out ahead around $20.