Planning NYC - "Touring Plans" style

There are several guidebooks specifically for NYC with kids. I found one today at my local library (just sitting out on display with other travel books), but looking for these online shows that any you find might be a few years old - shucks! They might still have useful info. For instance, the one I found (Frommer’s) had a section on how to get kids interested in NYC, such as certain movies or children’s books, or talking about the landmarks/buildings.

The Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History is a big hit with my sons that age - and the natural history museum has IMAX (nature) movies. There are also several movie theaters with IMAX and/or 4-D features showing popular movies too (check the AMC website - and many have reserved seating for movies now too, so you don’t have to get there early to wait in line for a good seat – movies before 11am or noon are 1/2 price – which would probably be the normal price you would pay outside NYC).

Ice skating in Bryant Park is also a great alternative to Rock Center - and there is now a rink downtown by the World FInancial Center too… Admission is actually free if you bring your own skates (they do charge for skate rental).

I’m so sorry I haven’t been thanking everyone directly. I’ve been too busy researching all these awesome suggestions!!!

Liners to the RESCUE!!! Of course, this means I will have a spreadsheet larger than my map of Manhattan when we go, but it’ll be worth it! ADR’s, FPP (CityPass), and HopOnHopOff Bus Tours (like the Monorail Crawl!)–all will be prepared with thanks to all my Liner Family!!

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They ate not kidsing. Not just warm boots but weatherproof. And comfy socks you will be in these all day. Expect slush and puddles.

Also remember museums may be suggested entry fees. I know natural history is not sure what else. So if you want to oay $5 to eneter they will take it.

Yes, many of NYC’s museums have a suggested price, but will accept any donation. The difference is you may have to wait on a long line if you decide not to buy a ticket at the suggested price.

There are many NYCpass type of ticket packages that include admission to various sites and museums, at a much reduced cost. This is probably a better way to go so you are not spending hours of your valuable vacation time on lines.

This google is a good start. Take a look at what you’re interest are, then buy accordingly.

You should also plan a dinner in Little Italy, maybe walk around ChinaTown & The Village that day? Make sure to have earmuffs- the bitter damp wind off the river is brutal at times. Have fun! We love to visit The Strand bookstore on our visits, it’s been ther for 100 years and we just love it.