Planning My Next Solo Trip

I thoroughly enjoyed early November and the Christmas parades and decorations. But …The resort prices this year are out of sight. :eyes:
(Stayed at Contemporary last year for $380 a night, so a bit spoiled at this point. :laughing: Fingers crossed for a code.)
Looking at the tiny rooms at Riviera. What are your thoughts on that resort? (Want to stay deluxe someplace I haven’t.)

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I was just watching this YouTube video


He’s hilarious. I love it! And this video did it. Now I’m obsessed. :weary:

Thanks for sharing the video link… I am NOT impressed! TOO Small, TOO expensive, even w/ DVC points. The gift shop in the resort has got to be the smallest of any DVC property too. Just MHO

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I have to agree… If they were substantially cheaper than a regular studio, they might make sense for a solo traveler (I personally think they are too small even for two!)
But not at that price point.


Tower “suite”?!? :joy:


What are your thoughts on Wilderness Lodge? How’s the transportation?

Have not stayed at Riv but have visited and it doesn’t do anything for me.

It’s not bad in my opinion. They have the boat and a bus for MK. Everything else is bus, but I don’t find it awful.

Did anyone notice that there was a door in the bathroom? Was it a tiny closet? I’m curious…

Yes, it’s the closet for the room. Weird, but I guess you could leave the door open and steam your clothes while you shower, lol.


You know, you could be on to something here :thinking: :joy:



Now I’m totally singing that song. Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I do think that the room would be fine for one person, so it would be attractive to me as a solo traveller. It seems like a great resort for adults too, with the pools & restaurants available. But the price is just too much. For that size it needs to be closer to a moderate resort price (say, $250-300/night).