Planning my Epcot day

So I’m starting my vacation with Epcot. Here’s the outline plan

Breakfast at GG
Behind the Seeds tour
Spaceship Earth
Mexico, inc. Gran Fiesta and Coco
Norway, inc. FEA (I have an extra FPP that will cover this)
America, inc. Voices of Liberty
Japan, inc. Matsuriza
France, inc. Impressions de France
Dinner at Monsieur Paul
FEA dessert party
walk clockwise round WS
bus to resort

My questions:

I’ve never done the Imagination pavilion, or the Figment ride. Is it a scandal that I’m missing it again? Is it worth doing? (My final half-day is Epcot, so I could squeeze it in then. That’s when I’ll be doing TT and MS.)

I’m skipping The Seas. Is this an outrage? I’ve kinda seen aquariums before. I did Crush last year and thought it was clever but not something I need to do again. I also did Nemo and thought it was unremarkable and not worth a second look.

I’ve done the various character meet and greets on previous trips.

What are the must-do shows / entertainments at Epcot? Have I got the main ones? What are the must-see things in WS? How do I make the most of the pavilions?

Oh, and is Behind the Seeds tour a smart move?

Worth doing, but not worth a long wait. I think it’s fun.

Nope. You’ve seen it. You know what it is.

Have you met Donald Duck in Mexico?

I didn’t know that was a thing. Is it? Easy enough to schedule.

He meets just off the main path as you are heading to Norway at scheduled times. He wears a costume complete with Sombrero. If that interests you.

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I don’t have a Donald picture. Though he’s at TH, I think.

Love figment… classic. Won’t blow you a way but worth seeing it once I think. And I would feel find skipping the seas.

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I like Figment just because of the ride system is unique… The old ride was much, much better but the actual internals are interesting (it actually is a roller coaster track system, even though its a slow moving dark ride). But the ride itself won’t blow yoi away. Went on it for the first time in years this last trip. It’s a once a decade kind of thing for me, or a something to do kind of thing if the wait time is 5 minutes.

The Imagination pavilion also has the Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival. It’s a theatre where they show 3 short films that are really quite good/cute/whimsical. The actual films change from time to time. It lasts 18 minutes, so not very long, but it’s a chance to sit in air conditioning. I like to do it, but not every trip.

This pavilion also has ImageWorks, which is just a pale imitation of what it was like in 1982. It’s supposed to have creative hands-on sensory activities, similar to children’s science centers. Not impressive at all, just something to walk through after exiting the JiI ride.

If you have the time, I’d say do the ride to experience it once. There are clever “Easter eggs” of props/signs that relate to earlier Disney movies such as, “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.”

As for skipping the Seas: I agree with your plan to pass on it this trip.

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Have you done Ralph and Vanellope? Joy and Sadness?

You think your stomach will have room for a GG Breakfast and a MP Dinner? Not being snarky (yet), serious question because you’ll also be hitting Epcot during the Festival and there’s booths of deliciousness everywhere.

Ride figment, if nothing else than to know what everyone is talking about. It’s a nice once and done ride, won’t kill you.

Skipping the seas is fine. I didn’t think the Nemo ride was impressive until the we hit the Current and then it became interesting. Until that, it was just… little movies. Lame.

Must do shows: you’re going during holidays, aren’t you? You should already know which ones you liked cause of last year. Also, you’re not getting the Candle Light show this year?

i’ll be back when we’re on iteration 18. :stuck_out_tongue:

Both The Seas & Imagination / Figment are just shells of what they were when they opened. The last time I was at the aquarium portion of Seas there were, literally, almost no fish anywhere. That’s not an exaggeration.

Figment is a delightful character, but again, the ride has seen better days. The way I can relate to you about this is I’ve never seen the Carousel of Progress in MK. It’s one of those things ppl talk about and I “feel” like I should go one day, but my park time is so valuable. With all the rumors surrounding the possible changes to Future World who knows how long Figment my be available? If WS is your priority, then I may skip it. I know I’ve seen Figment a couple times and never plan on going back.

I did enjoy meeting Ralph & Vanellope as they were super sweet and generous with the hugs!

As far as making the most of the WS pavilions, I recommend Serveur Amusant in France and Matsuriza in Japan.

No. But I don’t know who they are.


You haven’t seen Wreck It Ralph?

Why do you say that like it’s a bad thing?? :blush:


We’ve been through this. I don’t really watch Disney movies. I’m not into cartoons. Except Family Guy.

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Just a question, no judgement implied :joy:

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The sequel has not long been out though, I’d have thought you’d have seen a trailer at least. I have no interest in meeting them. But you did meet Joy and Sadness.

Clearly a man of culture :grin:

Gotcha! I’ll confess I only watched it so I would know what was going on in the sequel. And that was only because Gal Gadot voiced Shank in the sequel and I adore her. Priorities. :rofl:

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We saw it because we had free tickets. I wasn’t hugely into it. DH and the boys liked it more since it was about video games!

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