Planning - Made a Mistake - HS

I think I made a mistake. I made plans to go to Hollywood Studios on Tuesday April 19. The crowd levels are predicted to be only 4. However, I just noticed that they have EMH on that day. When I planned the day - I don’t think it had EMH - or I was careless.

We aren’t staying in the park and so are not eligible for EMH. We won’t be in the park until 9, will it be impossible for my grandson to sign up for Jedi Training? I don’t want to change the day for HS because I have reservations at Sci Fi Cafe. We hope to leave the park by 4.

A lot of what you encounter will depend on how crowded it ends up, and you might have to adjust your expectations.

We had a successful day at HS when we only had time from 10:30-4:00 once, but we really only did the things that were shows plus the 3 things we had FPs for. Lines were too long by late morning to do the tier 1 attraction that we did not have a FP for. (In our case it was Rock n Roller Coaster that we chose to sacrifice for a nice late morning.)

I don’t think you can count on getting him into Jedi Academy. You might be able to get him into one of the later shows if the crowds really are 4s that day, but I wouldn’t count on it. You can always watch it even if he’s not in it.

I suggest you make a touring plan for your day and be sure to optimize it. That should give you a good idea of the lines you’ll encounter.

Maybe my solution is to give up the Sci Fi Cafe reservations - and hope like crazy that a Sci Fi reservation opens up on a different day as people change their schedules. Does that happen often?

I’m guessing the grandkids won’t miss the Sci Fi Cafe if they don’t know about it - but would miss the Jedi training.

It is possible there may be an slot available for Jedi since they have expanded capacity. Get there early so you are ahead of the off site guests.( this is the line at HS at regular park open as I was leaving after am EMHUploading…

It might be fine! I just wouldn’t count on it. Then it will be a pleasant surprise if you do get a Jedi academy slot for him, rather than a disappointment if you don’t. Sci Fi is awesome, especially after a hot afternoon.

There’s a reservation finder on Touring Plans. I’d set up a search to see if you can get a different day, and if so, rearrange your plans for it. That way you won’t be giving up the current ressie right away. It sounds like Jedi is more important than the dining so trying to rearrange would be worth it (I mean it also depends on how many other things you’d be changing, the domino effect on plans can be rough!)

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We too made plans for DHS on 4/19, before the addition of the am EMH, which has now rendered our FP’s basically useless. When I optimized our touring plans for the day after adding the EMH, I can only use one of our FP, and can’t change the times of my others…
Has anyone had experience touring DHS during EMH? We have 2 and 4 year old boys and JTA, TSMM and ST are our priorities for the day, with the Disney Jr. Show, the next priority. Will we realistically be able to sign up for JTA and ride TSMM during the EMH? Or should we go ahead and do another attraction that we weren’t planning on doing anyway during the EMH and then just use our FP’s which begin a 9:15 and 10:15?

I think it would be easier to snag another ADR at SciFi through TP reservation finder than get into Jedi training after EMH. Plus you mentioned that the kids know about Jeditraining and want to do it, but do not know about SciFi. I’d change days.

@andreabelue when are you going? Will the TSMM new track be open? In the past, you could not realistically sign up for JTA and ride TSMM as a standby without a very long wait. TSMM builds a line of about an hour within 30 minutes of park opening ( although it is usually an overestimation on Disneys part.)

Do you have a FPP for it?

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We will be at DHS on 4/19, so I don’t think the new track will be open. We do have FPP for TSMM at 9:15, I’m just not sure beyond JTA sign ups, how we should use the EMH

I think JTA sign ups can take some time. It will depend how many folks and where you are in line. I might try to use your TSMM as late in your window as possible. And then do a standby attraction after JTA depending on the time.

What is your third FPP?

The star wars meet and greats build a very long line. Do the kids wantto meet Chewbacca? That would be a good one to try to hit early, depending on when they begin.

Our FPP are TSMM 9:15, ST 10:15, and Disney Jr. Show 11:50 (all obtained based on my initial touring plan before EMH were added). Actually, now that we will have to be at the park even earlier, I’d rather see the first Disney jr show bc my 2 y/o will most likely be ready for an earlier nap. We are doing MK the day before; if I’d known about the EMH, I would have switched days, but now I’d sacrifice too many ADR’s if I switch days…

That’s a good idea; we were planning to do that in the evening when we return after naps, but that might be a good time filler for the EMH.

I would like to thank everyone for their responses in this thread and others. Knowing ahead of time what to expect is helping me plan our vacation and create an enjoyable experience for all.

In this case, I think we will skip JTA on stage experience for my grandson. I watched a video of the show - and realize that he may be a bit old for it and might feel silly. I think he would probably just enjoy watching the training to see Darth Vader and other characters.


BTW, you weren’t careless, they changed it. As of last week, evening EMH were at Epcot on April 19! Thank you for the alert! (grumble grumble, changing plans)


It took my son 2-3 times of watching before he was comfortable trying it. It’s also a very fun show to watch even if the kids are not your own. This is from Disneyland experience, but I am sure it is the same, if not, very similar for Disney World.

Ah - thanks for letting me know that. I thought I was careful to avoid days with EMH in the morning - so I was so surprised when one showed up.

We enjoy watching it too…and have no littles. It’s fun. Good job doing the research @JanSchocklin! Have a great time and let us know how it goes!

If I were in your shoes, I would do the signup for JTA, then go to TSMM as soon as possible with your EMH, riding standby. Then do a second ride on TSMM with your FPP. Your children will love getting a second ride on TSMM. Your FPP is good for an hour, so you should have enough time for two rides. (But if the wait time is signifantly over 60 minutes when you get in the standby line, you might not be able to get in two rides.) After that you can follow your original plans quite well.

I can’t do that - the problem is we are not staying at the resort and don’t have access to the morning EMH. So we would never be able to do TSMM twice - and still see other things.