Planning lull

So I’m now 25 days out from my trip and am finding myself in a lull in activity. Our ADRs were finalized some time ago, FPP have been finalized and then revised, possibly for the last time. It was exciting to have magic bands show up yesterday and luggage tags!

So what do I do now? Lots of lists? More YouTube videos lol?

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Yup. This is the toughest time.

Some suggestions:

  1. Do your packing lists
  2. Develop theoretical plans as if you end up being stuck there an extra day due to flight cancelled or something.
  3. practice packing (it’s oddly cathardic)
  4. If there were any issues you ran into setting up your trip, call Disney to be sure everything is ironed out
  5. Run/Walk outside (if it’s warm enough)
  6. Watch the PBS special on Walt if you haven’t (it’s currently on Amazon Prime)
  7. Watch (or very likely rewatch) (<-- is it weird I know the words to an ad?)
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I would take this time and make sure you know your way around the Touring Plan app & My Disney Experience app!

Make a list of snacks you want to try with locations.

Always evaluate your plans again as close as possible before leaving.

Perhaps read some Disney inspired books? There are a couple out there about the Hidden Magic of Disney…giving you the story of the theming, rides parks etc. It not only gets you excited about your trip but then you can look out for all the little touches that make Disney special.

this is me too. trip is 4/6-4/13. so what am I doing? hanging out on TP forums. evaluating and optimizing my plans. watching videos and listening to podcasts. also, buying a few things on amazon for the trip. ponchos, a cellphone case with a fingerhole grip so it doesn’t fall off on a ride LOL. oh yeah, trying to get some of my real job work done in between…

Thanks for the ideas! Is that the book title or are there some others to look for. I know I will need something good for the flights!

I think that is the book title, make sure you get the newest addition, I bought it on Amazon.
There are other books too, I’ve read one on a CM that was a Plaid and a CM who worked at Disne.y for many years who ended up working in the Disney kennels. All very interesting. Trouble is, I can’t remember the titles!