Planning length of meals

I’m trying to arrange my days and plans around my ADRs, but I have no clue how long to schedule for meals. Is there any kind of list for this based on crowd levels, or even just a general idea? Not all our ADRs are for mid-touring plan, but CRT (breakfast), H&V (breakfast), and BOG (dinner). Are the main ones. Anyone have any advice for me? Thanks!

Depending on time to get seated, it could push 2 hours. One if you eat fast. 1.5 will probably be closer to the actual, but I’d block 2 just to be safe.

for all of these?

I was hasty and didn’t see breakfast, I’d plan on at least an hour, especially to see all the characters. But 1.5 to be safe. Plus you may need a little time to go to the bathroom get composed and head out. But, I think it is always a better feeling to think, “wow, look at the extra time!” Rather than, “TIMMY FINISH YOUR DESSERT NOW! WE HAVE 2 MINUTES UNTIL OUR FPP EXPIRES!!!”

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lol. DD4 is a VERY slow eater

I would say a minimum of one hour for any table service, and 1.25ish for mid day or busy park days with in park places. I would say 1.5 minimum for character meals. It might not end up taking that long but you won’t end up way behind your plan if it doesn’t.

Really hard to generalize because there are many factors. For me, as either a solo adult or with DW, I generally plan 1 hour for a TS lunch, 1.5 for a TS dinner, and 2 for a signature dinner (although I rarely have anything planned for after signature dining other than returning to the room). These are “table times”, and do not take into account having to wait for a table, which it totally unpredictable (I’ve been seated everywhere from 5 min early to 35 min late; 10 min seems to be the “average”).

I’ll add that I generally do not do CMs or buffets (except for BG and occasionally Boma), so I am not sure if my timings apply to those locations.

With a 4 year old, you are likely planning a mid-day break. I put my lunches as the last thing before the break. This gave me some wiggle room. Dinners were similarly most often the last thing we did before leaving the park. However, I was pretty consistently at 50 minutes to an hour for TS. Shorter for CS. This was last week, a low crowd time. However, the restaurants were all full, so I’m not sure crowd level impacted it.