Planning FP+ for large group

We have a small family get together at Disney World in June and staying off property. The group size is 16 ranging from 5 - 60 and is broken down into 4 families that will purchase tickets separately. I have worked out our TP through this site and established the date and time I would LIKE to schedule the FP+. The group wants to stay together during while touring the parks. We have not been to the park since the FP+ was instituted, but from what I gather, you must define which park, day and time you would like a FP+, when you purchase your tickets.

Which brings me to my question: How do I insure each person in the group has the same FP+ time if the tickets are purchased separately? Is there a way to do this using My Disney Experience?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

You don’t need to define which park on which day you’ll be going to. Once the tickets are purchased they will need to be added into MDE. You can link each other persons to your MDE account and allow one person to schedule everyone’s FP’s but with a group of that size you’ll likely need to be flexible with the times to get available slots for that many. Are you staying on site in a Disney hotel? If so you will be able to schedule those passes 60 days in advance and will make your task a lot easier. If not the window will open at 30 days in advance which is still doable for most attractions but you will make to make sure that everyone has purchased and linked their tickets before that date.

You could also send out a list to each family of the rides/times you hope to get FP’s for and they can each schedule their own families as close to that time as possible.