Planning for unreleased dining events

I have 3 “potential” events that are not to be missed on my vacation, but dates have not been released yet! As a planner, I find it frustrating that there is no promise of when to book. What is the best advice for NOT MISSING the date releases for Candlelight processional dining package, Pirates and Pals Fireworks Cruise, and Animal Kingdom ROL (or Jungle Book) dining package for 5-6 months out when they are guaranteed to exist but are not bookable yet? All my other dining details are booked so I am nervous about not being able to secure these other wild cards by missing the booking window.

My other question is, could a world showcase dining reservation be altered to “add” the 2016 candlelight processional package? Is there any advantage to having a “plain” Rose and Crown res when our main goal is to have Rose and Crown with the Candlelight Package? I did book one as a safe net, I was just wondering if the package could be added later…

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For Candlelight, I don’t think there’s any way to convert and thus no advantage to have an ADR now if you only want the ADR for Candlelight. If you pay attention here and/or follow some DIS sites at places like Twitter you should see Candlelight come on line as soon as it happens and have no trouble booking. Given the cost, I don’t think Candlelight ADRs go fast - last year I had no trouble booking several options as we tweaked times trading off meal time vs. show time…

I think you just stalk the HELL out of forum, chat, and any other reputable sites you can find so you are in the know when they are finally released!

Good luck!

As for CLP they aren’t reservations that get snapped up when released. When we went in 2014 there were package times available even a few days before our trip.

Haha, I was hoping there was another secret, but thats more fun than my existing full time job anyway. :slight_smile:

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Great to know- thanks!

I am in the same boat…stalking forums and stressed out waiting for CP and ROL packages to be released! I have read that CP packages opened last year on July 7, so probably sometime soon.

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