Planning for TSL (video)

Touring Plans has released a video TSL planning about strategy for DHS when TSL is open.

Which gives me an excuse to ask what other people think. In particular, do you think interest in TSL will be crazy high? Brian seems fairly low key about it. It won’t be like Pandora, and certainly nothing like Star Wars is expected to be. He reckons that because the two new rides have height restrictions, this will make the whole area less attractive than it might otherwise be.

I’m even wondering if opening day may not be totally crazy because people are expecting it to be totally crazy and so will avoid it that day.

Yes, yes, yes . . . I know this is all speculation and nobody knows, but that’s all part of the fun!

I think Toy story is hard to really predict because the subject matter has been around forever, doesn’t really cater to any specific demographic but general “kids”, and everything it’s offering isn’t “whizbang.” It’s very much like cars land, so it’ll really depend on how the guests take to the theming I guess.

I think it could be as popular as pandora at the jump because it is far more established than pandora, but ultimately I think it’ll go the way of “storybook land” over in the magic kingdom: steady flow of visitors, but no one clamoring for anything in particular.

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We were at Pandora not long after it opened - June 11. I think. When did it open? Anyway, we easily got FOP fast passes, and it did not seem overly crowded to me. We rope dropped Navi. We hit all the rides, had plenty of time etc. it seems to be the hype built AFTER that. Everyone commenting on how phenomenal FOP was. Slinky and Aliens certainly won’t have that appeal. I know I’m not anywhere nearly as excited as I was for Pandora. And I’d never even seen the movie. A bioilluminescent land - heck yeh, never seen that before. Another rollercoaste and round round thing. Eh. I’m sure it will be cool, but not phenomenal.

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I am looking forward to watching this video (currently at work). We are headed back in late October, so I am hoping some of the newness has worn off by then.

Honestly I wonder how it’s going to impact wait times at ToT and RnR since they are both Tier 2.

I’m taking notes on this because we will be there for 8 days starting on July 15th. Our FP+ day is May 16th.

So I just took a look at the height restrictions and they are rather frustrating! I got an email from Disney this morning and the headline on Slinky Dog Dash is “Take the entire family on a toy filled ride…” well my ENTIRE family isn’t 38"! Even Barnstormer is only 35". It is a little disappointing that this seems like a little kid ride but isn’t quite that family friendly. I assume this will temper enthusiasm on families with really little kids and then the impression that it is a “kiddie coaster” will temper the older kids, so maybe you are right on the less attractive front. Hopeful you get to enjoy it!

I agree. They added nothing that my whole family can ride together thanks to a height requirement for ASS.

We’ve got to come up with a better abbreviation lol.