Planning for October 2018

Hi All,

First time poster. We are in the early stages of planning for a trip to WDW mid-late October 2018 from Australia.
I’ve looked at the 2016 historical crowds and the projected 2017 crowds. The weather seems to be less rainy than September and slightly less hot, so it seems to tick all the boxes.

Just wondering if there was anything I missed? We will probably be at WDW for 9 nights. I’m avoiding anytime after November 4th due to daylight savings changes.

So much to learn but I’m glad I found What a great help it’s been.


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Welcome :blush:

We’re from cairns and making our first trip this Christmas.

The main thing that pops into my mind that you might need to consider would be the effect the Halloween party might have on your plans. I’m still figuring it all out too.The people here are lovely and super helpful, and will probably know a bunch of other things to think about too.

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Thanks. Hope to hear about how awesome your trip was later this year.

Not sure about the Halloween party. More to research :slight_smile:

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Hi @PeteB & @Ladythomas

From Adelaide here, we went April/May and the weather was perfect (only 1 day with a shower). It’s similar weather and crowding (from what I understand) to the time you are thinking of going Pete.

If you guys have any specific questions from an Aussie point of view, feel free to ask or hit me up in a PM

It. Is. The. Best. Holiday. Ever.


I think you are picking a great time of year to visit. The MNSSHP is one of my favorite things to do in the fall. You should attend that.

The beauty of WDW in the fall is so amazing to me.

As already stated, just be sure to keep Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in mind when making your plans as only those with party tickets will be allowed to stay in the Magic Kingdom past 7 PM on party nights. As @shanneepantslovesdisney stated, I would definitely consider attending one of the Halloween parties if your family enjoys Halloween. Do some reading up on it for sure and how it works.

Welcome to the boards! If you have any questions, we’ll all be here to help the best that we can!

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I would hurry and at least make a tentative reservation. You can always move it should you change your mind. But I’ve already been hearing of people not getting the resorts or weeks that they want due to availability.

You can add or subtract other things as you plan!

The better half and I will be in town tomorrow and at the Halloween party on the 19th! Can’t wait!