Planning for large group

Hi all. Thanks to Liners, have had great trips with my family the past few years. Word got out and now we have a large group joining us in 2020. Current count is 15. Have never planned for this many before so have spent some time reviewing the boards but wanted to reach out for any tips or recommendations. My general approach is to try to limit to 1 or 2 things for the group to do together each day and the rest will have to be on their own. I am thinking mostly a meal a day but I am sure there are some rides where getting a group together would be fun as well. Any tips for ADRs and FPP with this large a group?

My thoughts for meals with the big group are: Biergarten, BOG breakfast (maybe PPO and all do 7DMT?), Tusker House. Any others particularly good or easy for big groups? What about a dessert party (seems harder to plan since usually not available 180 days out)?

Thanks for your help!

I was going to suggest a dessert party (not my personal fave but would be a great way to get everyone together at the end of the night). What about FEA dessert? Then you get fireworks and a ride on FEA.

I did notice a big group getting in line for a late night ride on BTMRR. They were willing to let people in front of them so they could all get on the same train - doesn’t have to be that ride, but the idea of everyone meeting up for the last ride of the night seems like lots of fun!

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I haven’t done it in years, but HDDR could be great fun with a big group - particularly if you have lots of different ages.

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A ride that makes for an awesome picture if everyone is old enough, and willing to do it is ToT. We had a group of 10 on our last trip and the kids are all teenagers and the ride picture is fantastic. You would probably have to make sure that the cast member knew you all need to get into the same elevator.