Planning For Galaxy's Edge

Planning a five day trip a day for each park, but with Galaxy’s Edge and Rise of the Resistance opening, we are dedicating two days to Hollywood Studios. Has anyone else done this? Would love a two day plan for the park. I am still going to utilize the fast passes, but trying to figure out the best plan of action to enjoy Galaxy’s Edge.

When are you going? RotR isnt open yet. Opens in December.

Thats actually when we are going first week of December when RotR will be opening. That’s why im trying to figure out how much time we need to dedicate.

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At this point, noone really knows. Any info Touring plans gives will just be a guess. Everyone predicted crowds much higher than what has really happened. Maybe that’s because everyone is waiting for RotR to open, but noone really knows that either. I am going over Thaniksgiving week, so it will be much more crowded then. I am planning half a day at least, but will play it by ear when we get there.


Our trip isn’t until May 2020, but we have two days dedicated to HS. It is funny, since HS used to be a 1/2 day park for us. But with the opening of TSL and now SWGE, we are moving it to 2 days.

Right now, my plan is to do everything we want to do EXCEPT Star Wars stuff on our first HS day. And, since I’m assuming that there will be no FPs for Star Wars attractions, I’m devoting the second HS day almost entirely to Star Wars.

What I did find, interestingly, is that for our Star Wars day, it was better to start the day late…meaning, don’t enter the park until after 1:00 instead of getting there at RD. The ride wait times drop off as the day goes on, so this allowed me to actually get in more.

Scheduling a FP for Star Tours, and then picking any one of the Tier 1 rides I can get as well (RnRC, for example) assuming I can’t get anything in SWGE.

Now, I’m expecting/hoping MMRR will be open in May 2020, so I am also putting that on our second day at HS, assuming no FPs will be offered.

All said, we only have a few things in the plan for day two of HS. Just expecting to do a lot of waiting in lines. But the day one is much more efficient. I expect it will all change, however. I have this feeling that Disney will shuffle up how they handle FPs in HS before May.


When I said half a day, I meant that for just SWGE. If we end up having to spend a whole day there, then so be it. We are going for 7 days and have 2 dedicated to HS. I figure 1 day can be for TSL and SWGE and the other can be for the rest.

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Just for reference, here is what I have for our HS days SO FAR. (Everything is subject to change.)

Day 1: Wednesday, May 13

Day 2: Friday, May 15

Note that part of the goal I have is to make sure we are out of the park for one of the meals (lunch or dinner). So, Day 1, I have us finishing up before dinner. Day 2, I have us entering the park after lunch. This saves us some money on food.

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I’m going in middle of March. I’m also very hopeful that MMRR will be open. I assumed they would add it to Tier 1 FP+ when it opens but I haven’t ever been to Disney so soon after a ride opening.

By then , maybe it’s possible that the SWGE rides have been added to the FP+ too?

I don’t know what people are planning to do or whether WDW will be busy in early December, but I will say this much - after seeing that program on SWGE on Freeform last night, including the preview of RotR, everyone SHOULD be planning to go when it opens. That ride looks mind-blowing. The more I see of it, the more excited I am to experience it. I’m not sure if I can wait till May 2020 when I’m going to WDW - the wife and I may need to make a quick trip to DLR in January!

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Wow the wait times on your plans are nothing like I have ever seen (on my touring plans), and we go at busy spring break usually (and over Christmas holidays this year). Will you really stand in hour long rides multiple times a day? We have never ridden headliners standby if the wait is over 30 minutes (except 1 time we waited 40 for RNRC and we all said never again). I am shocked those are the wait times in May.

Sure. If we are expecting/planning on it.

Basically, the entire day is nothing but headliners with no FPs. So, either we wait, or we don’t experience it.

Now, if they change up the FP system before then, maybe things will be different. But I’m basing this purely on today’s info. The waits were LONGER if I shifted our visit starting in the morning/RD timeframe.

Also, who knows how TP will adjust the expected wait times in the coming months. But I’d rather they overestimate than underestimate.


I’ll admit, I am as well. I originally picked this time in May because it has been considered one of the least-crowded times of the year. But it has far higher CLs than we are used to experiencing. This is because we’ve done week after Labor Day (September) and end of October in the past, when crowds are so low many rides are practically walk-ons (CLs 1s and 2s). But the predicted CLs for May next year are averaging around 5. So, resigning myself to the fact that we will have significantly higher crowds than we’re used to.

The new tiers at HS are terrible. I am not looking forward to navigating that park with the current tiers. I hope they change to something more reasonable before your trip. We are getting the extra club level FPP for our trip, it was the only way to make HS work over the holidays. But dang, it shouldn’t be necessary to have to do that!

I’m okay with them having more Tier 1s. Actually, I think this is a plus, not a negative. But the lack of decent Tier 2s makes this more like a a 3-tier system.

“First” tier rides: MFSR, ROTR, MMRR, and effectively, SDD
“Second” tier rides: Everything else except Star Tours
“Third” tier ride: Star Tours.

What I’m hoping will happen is that they will open up FPs for MFSR, ROTR, and MMRR as Tier 1, plus keep SDD as a Tier 1. Then make ASS, RnRC, and ToT, plus Star Tours Tier 2.

I think this will do a better job of balancing things. But it isn’t up to me for some strange reason! :wink:


I will be going before it opens, so I won’t be going on it for several more years I’m afraid.

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We’re going to SWGE over Spring Break…not ideal, but this is the timing that works for us, so I’m prepping the kids for a day of mostly standing in line. I really hope they figure out/announce the FP plans soon for the new HS rides (SWGE and MMRR), and we end up able to ride more than just a couple headliners.

This is what we did during my trip this weekend. I actually had Thursday evening and Sunday evening reserved for Hollywood, plus Monday morning until we left, but ended up doing everything we wanted to do in HS during those two days.

Thursday we did ST, Muppets, dinner, Oga’s, MFSR, and had a fastpass for SDD.

Sunday my friends did RNRR single rider while I wandered around GE. We did FP for TSMM, had a snack, then MFSR, then got in line for SDD right before close.

The only thing I would do differently when I go back with my kids is spend more time wandering around and using the “data pad” on the phone to interact with the elements. Not a ton of shade except in the store area, so it would be smart to do that during the evening. I would also want to eat at a QS there.