Planning for family and friends

I want to get ready to make dining and eventually “lightning lane” reservations. Traveling with daughter and grandson. She is in my family and friends list and he is also, but listed as “plans managed by my daughter”. Does this mean that I can’t make dining or “lightning lane” reservations for him?

When you make dining reservations, you only have to list your name. You don’t have to add everyone. Just you and the number of guests. I have no idea about LL. You’ll have to be “friends” with all the kids too.

Do you all have LL/Genie+ already on your tickets, or are you planning on buying day of? If the day of, your daughter may have to buy G+ for the people she manages, but then you may be able to reserve for everyone once you all have G+.

We just got back from a trip with my BFF and her family. She and everyone she manages is on my friend/family list. My family already had pre-purchased G+ on our tickets for length of stay; her family didn’t get G+ any of the days. When I went to reserve our LL times, her family didn’t show up at all in my list of people when you go to select who you are reserving for. And it didn’t prompt me to ask if I wanted to buy G+ for other friends/family managed by others. (To be fair, I didn’t buy or test any ILL fancy rides to see if I could have selected from the whole list of all of us to buy a La carte.)

As long as you are connected through Family & Friends on MDE, you can buy ILL/IAS & make LL plans (as long as Genie Plus is already purchased) for each other.

Disney makes it easy for your to buy ILL for all. :wink:

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