Planning for Early Entry

I just tried to see since I’m going Sunday and no it does not. I’m assuming it just means day of I’ll get a link for saying the park opened early and then I can re-optimize at that point

Edit: from the fine print it looks like they are going to collect that data from people go now and click that button to maybe help with that feature?

Yeah, it sure would be nice to plan for that ahead of time. (hence, this post). I might end up with two plans for each day - one without my planned early rides, and one with them, to optimize day-of.
That’s a lot of plans!

If you want to do 7DMT you need to make sure to be there as soon as they let people in. We had planned on riding it first, but had an issue with transportation (and family members who did not understand that leaving five minutes late would set us back by twenty minutes…) and got there a bit later. The line was already sooooo long, I knew we would spend the whole time in that line and then later have to wait in lines for the other attractions. So we aborted mission while looking for the end of the line and headed to the next rides on our list. We did Peter Pan, Big Thunder, Pirates, and were in line for Jungle Cruise by the official park opening- even with the late start. So I guess my advice is plan on starting at 7DMT but be prepared to change it up if you get there and the line is already an hour long. Have plans b and c ready. I just had a written list of what we wanted to do in the morning, I didn’t even make a TP for it, and then in line for JC at official park opening was just enough time to go into my actual touring plan and mark things as “done” and re-optimize.


This is great information. Do you happen to recall if the carousel, adventures of pooh or small world were open prior to park opening? Looking for alternatives for younger kids in my group while the older ones try to go on 7DMT.

I don’t recall, sorry. If no one else chimes in, I’d check the Disney or TP app prior to park open on a comparable day and see if any waiting times display. That’s what I did to figure out what my pre-official opening time plans would be. I