Planning for dinner at Yak and Yeti and walk around AK after dark

I have decided to let go of one of my pm MK visit (as I had 2 + MNSSHP). We will already have full day in AK

We want to

  1. Dinner at Yak and Yeti
  2. Kilimanjaro (fp+)
  3. Everest (fp+) possibly before dinner as I don't really like big coasters after large meal
  4. may be meet few characters if they are any around (fp+ for Mickey and Minnie)
  5. Walk around the park at sunset. Are the photopass photographers there after 17:00?

The date is 24th of October - closing time is 8

What time should we have dinner?

If we book 5 we will be out by 6:30 (fair estimate?) and have time for wonder around. But we won't be hungry if we have big lunch (Fogo De Chao in our plan) so we need to give up that.
If we book 7 or 7:30 it will be very late for us for dinner - but it may be good training for the two late MK nights after this. Will we feel rushed to finish our meal if the staff is looking to go home? 7:30 does feel very late for us

How would you plan it? When will you book the fast passes and what time the meal?

I personally would book the later meal. If you fill up at Fogo De Chao, you may not be hungry early. Also, if you book late dinner you could have a snack on arrival at AK to hold you over. Personally, I would FPP KS on arrival, put EE right before your meal, and then wander in between. I think it'd be really fun to wander out of AK after your meal, as it'll be pretty empty at that point. Also, from a touring perspective, I'd rather not rush my meal because I have touring left to do. That way, you can really relax and enjoy the food. But this is all personal preference.

I would also book the later meal. I don't like rides like EE after a big meal either. Plus the 5pm really eats up park time, when it already closes early. We eat a quick breakfast at hotel (or in car on way to parks), tour 8am-11am and then have lunch. Dinner 7 or later otherwise we aren't hungry. I would book FPP from 5-6, 6-7, and 7-8. Dinner at 7:30. Will you be in AK all day? If so I would make the FPP's in early afternoon. EE is generally walk on late in the day.

Definitely do KS before dinner. Personally, I would book the latest dinner that I could to give me more touring time. If you've never done EE after dark, it's a very cool ride, so I would try to get as late a FPP as possible to eat just before dinner. If you're looking for something not quite as heavy at Y&Y, I HIGHLY recommend the seared ahi salad; it's one of my favorite meals in WDW.