Planning for Dining Reservations

Hi! At the moment we have a trip booked for the end of June/beginning of July. My dining reservation window is approaching quickly and I’m a bit overwhelmed. In previous trips I used the crowd calendars heavily to choose which park we visit each day. Normally, I would have that set by now, but I’m not sure how accurate the crowd calendars are right now. I like to book our dinner reservation for the park we are in that evening. IDK…anyone have any thoughts or tips??? TIA!

Remember that dining reservations are now made only up to 60 days ahead (plus length of trip if onsite) and not the previous 180, so you’re looking at late April/early May for that. A lot can/will change with what restaurants are open and menus etc. by then, so have a tentative plan but be ready to adjust as you get closer to the 60 day mark.

I would have your park reservations in place beforehand, and then make your dining choices to fit in with where you’ll be each day. The crowd calendars will be getting more and more accurate as more data keeps coming in, so it’s up to you how you want to weigh their accuracy against the risk of missing out on park availability if you wait too long to reserve.

Dining will not open for you until April. Currently only able to book 60 days in advance.

Oh! I thought that was changing back to 180 days! That’s a relief! Thanks!

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