Planning for April 2020

Hey everyone! Just joined the site a little while ago in order to plan our April 2020 trip. Last year we (Me, DW, and DD (11) and DS (9) had a less than stellar Disney trip. We went in June, and when it wasn’t hot it was raining. That would not have been a big deal except we decided to stay off property, so getting back to the resort to cool off and rest just seemed to take too much time in transit. So we felt like we had to gut it out at the parks. In addition, staying off property seemed to hamstring my efforts to get many of the fast passes we wanted. Long story short, on the way home from that trip, the DW and I decided we would go back in 2 years and do everything right. “Right” for us means staying as long as my DW’s spring break (she’s a teacher) allows, staying at our favorite resort (Boardwalk Villas – we love being able to walk to the World Showcase), and planning, planning, planning. I don’t feel like a newbie, but there’s some much we haven’t done at any of our previous 3 trips. We still haven’t done BOG, or California Grill, or FOP. But planning is my thing and I am getting my act together.

We booked our room the day it became possible to do so, and I’ve configured the fax to send a request for an upper room looking out over the quiet pool. DW loves being able to see the fireworks from HS from our room.

However, two questions are the main point of this thread, although I will be checking in to ask more of the hive mind as the trip gets closer. Question one: Every time I log into Disney, it asks whether I want to check in to my room. Are there any advantages / disadvantages to checking in seven months early? Question two: my ADR 180 +10 is coming up next month. Here are the reservations I am trying to get, in the order I will try and get them. I understand I should make additional BOG reservations in case our plans change. Any other concerns? As always, thanks for all the help! This forum and the website in general has been invaluable!

Be Our Guest
California Grill
Cinderella’s Table
Sci Fi Drive In (lunch)
Teppan Edo
Jungle Canteen (lunch)
Le Cellier
Rose and Crown (lunch /dinner)
Coral Reef

If it were me, I would try to book Cinderella’s Table before California Grill. From my experience, Cinderella’s Table goes faster, but it could be because we eat early with my young kids and make California Grill res for about 5:30 pm. Maybe it’s different for later res.


I too would be interested to know if there is an advantage in room placement of checking in in advance :slight_smile: Thank you for asking!

I did some googling (as one does) and discovered that you can’t check in until 60 days from your arrival. So, Disney is displaying the ability to check in months before I would be allowed to.

So, I guess the question’s moot. I’m definitely going to check in on the first day I’m allowed, in case that affects my room request. Also, I am weird.