Planning for After Hours at DHS

Has anyone gone recently that can recommend a good game plan? We’ll be entering the park right around 7 pm (barring a flight delay) and will want to grab some dinner and generally try to avoid the long lines until the park closes. Fantasmic! isn’t a must unless it’s easy to do and makes sense in the schedule. The usual suspect rides are our priority, but we don’t want to spend an hour in line for Rise, etc, so any advice for maximizing our few hours is appreciated!!


We were there for Moonlight Magic in May, and we were able to ride every single ride (except ASS…which we didn’t ride simply because we didn’t care to), plus see Fantasmic, with time to spare. We didn’t care two hoots about meet and greets, which can take a lot of time. Also, certain snack distribution places were busier than others, so don’t waste time in a long line…find a shorter one elsewhere.

We used our pre-party time to just walk around to see things, ride TSM, Rise of the Resistance, Star Tours, and get a snack at Backlot Express. After that, the party itself began, and we rode everything else, getting off ToT just before Fantasmic started. (Note, RnRC was closed when we were there, but we had time to ride it if it had been open.)

It was a blast. Have fun!


This is so helpful and makes me excited for our night! Did you have an ILL for Rise before the party?

No. I forget exactly, but the posted wait was something like 50 minutes, and we waited more like 30. Let me see if I said in my trip report.

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Found it…


Thank you! Hopefully we’ll be as lucky with the standby wait times!