Planning Feb 2021 trip with DAH

Any suggestions for planning a trip that includes Disney After Hours? From what I can tell, I won’t know what nights they happen on until after I would have to make my dining reservations. We are definitely interested in doing the Magic Kingdom after hours, and are torn about the Animal Kingdom one. We for sure want to eat at Cinderella’s table, so I’m trying to figure out roughly when to schedule that without paying for a back up reservation as well.

Details: looking at going 2/21-2/27
Participants: me, my two best friends (both 32) and DS5, DS2
Hope to do Epcot, magic kingdom, two days at HS, and AK. We will either do a second day at MK, or MK after hours. I’m leaning towards not doing AK after hours, but I could also be talked into doing it.

I’m running into a similar problem. We’re pretty set on doing at least one DAH so we’re tentative about rebooking until we know those events will be happening.

IF DAH are happening at all by Feb 2021, I think there’s a decent chance one will fall within that calendar week you’re there. In Feb 2019, MK DAH were every Thurs, and in Feb 2020 every Mon and Fri (Villains). If you’re trying to do CRT on the same day there’s a DAH event, then it’s a crapshoot, but I would guess Monday if it’s the same as 2020. If the event isn’t that day, you still do CRT with Monday being a MK day, and if there’s a DAH event a different night, you work that into the schedule after a day in a different park, otherwise do a second MK day if no AH offered.

It looks like Feb 2020 dates were announced in Aug 2019, so if that works the same way, there’s a chance you will know about DAH at the 180 days when you’re booking CRT, but I would suspect a much more “wait and see” approach by Disney in scheduling these when they reopen.

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We went this year on 2/20-2/25/2020 and Disney released DAH on 8/20/2019 and my ADR was 8/24/2019. Disney makes it harder to plan these types of events because DAH was on Thursday in 2019 but this past February it was Monday (DAH) and Friday (VAH).
Also the day you are arriving is the Princess Half Marathon, don’t count on getting anywhere near MK until after 11am.

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Ooh, I forgot about the marathon. We probably won’t be arriving until afternoon anyways but that’s definitely good to keep in mind!

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We are not trying to do Cinderella on the same day. I didn’t consider they would stop offering the events after covid. That would be sad. Thank you for your feedback tho! I appreciate it and will keep my eye on possible release dates