Planning Castle Package and Ariel's Grotto

Hi everyone!

If we have a BBB appt for the castle package at 10:10am, would a lunch at Ariel’s Grotto at 12:40 work? About how long would that walk be?

It’s probably 10 min walk or so, then you have to factor in how long it takes to get through DCA turnstiles. You should have plenty of time as long as you don’t have a long wait at BBB.

Thanks! How is Ariel’s Grotto these days? I’m seeing some bad reviews but they’re from several years ago. Is breakfast or lunch better?

I’ve not dined there but if I recall, DL chat people prefer lunch? You can ask over there.

We are doing the same thing. 9am BBB. 11:45 Ariels. I have only seen breakfast reviews , interested in lunch reviews too.

Now I’m reconsidering! The castle package gets VIP access to the princesses. So I’m thinking it’s not necessary to get dolled up, meet all the princesses and then bolt over to Ariel’s Grotto to meet the same princesses. Or are they the same? Hmmm… Considering doing a breakfast at AG another morning to break up the princess stuff now.