Planning advice for Magic Kingdom 1st Week December 15

We are planning the parks for a family week at Disney Tuesday 1st Dec to the 7th Dec. We are staying off property and have 6 day passes with no hopping.

The thing that has got us undecided is what day to do MK as only Wed 2nd and Sat 6th Dec are Wishes days (on the other days the parks close at 7pm for the party). Tuesday 1st is a low ‘2’ crowd level but theres will be no wishes. That leaves us with 2 days to see wished; Wednesday 2nd is rated a crowd level of “5” but its a extra magic hours day and Saturday 5th is rated a “6”.

We are mulling over a couple of options as follows:-

-Visit MK on Tuesday 1st December and return for Wishes on the Wednesday or Saturday. The question is which would be the better wishes day?

  • Do a full day staying for Wishes Wednesday the 2nd or Saturday 5th Dec. Im pretty sure we would blow ourselves out trying to do this but would appreciate views on the better day to go?

So in short I guess I’m after experience on what is better crowd wise in the evenings; A a “5” rated Wednesday with late magic hours or a “6” rated Saturday.

I would plan to do Wishes on Wednesday. More locals usually come on the weekends which could increase crowds.

Unless you plan on going to the party, AVOID MK on a party day unless you are planning on a half day there. I made this mistake last year, and at 4 the park started to get really crowded and at 6 the CMs started to herd people toward MS. By 6:30 MS was a gridlock with everyone being forced out while the party-goers were pouring in. Then had to wait almost 90 min for transportation. One of the worst MK days I’ve ever had…

@bswan26: thanks for the advice. We’re going to be there that week too and I picked Dec 3rd as I wanted to see what MK was like on a crowd level 1 day. Looks like I better plan on moving to the next park before 4:00!