Planning ADR's and I'm confused

SO everything I see says you can make ADRs at 180 days out. But then I read on site guests can make ADRs at 180+10 days out (so 190 days out). So if I’m checking into AoA on April 10th, then I can make ADRs on Oct. 1st at midnight? Is that right? If that’s correct - can I make all of my ADRs for the entire trip on Oct. 1st? Or do I have to do it so that all my April 10th ADRs are made 10/1 then April 11th ADRs on 10/2 etc? We’re staying 6 nights, checking out April 16th.

I believe it is check in day is 180 days out and then you can make for an additional 10 days

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At 180 days before you check in you can make Adrs . You can book for your entire stay up to 10 days at this time. If staying more than 10 days you go in daily to book day 11 12 etc. You can only book for length of stay its not really plus 10.


thank you so much!